This Meditation Device Creates Physical Vibrations to Help You Relax

WAVE™ Kit: Wave Bolster + Headphones offers the world's most immersive meditation experience.

We all know meditation is good for our well-being. The practice has been linked to everything from increased happiness to lower blood pressure.

But meditation is hard. It is difficult to focus solely on your breathing and ignore all distractions around you. What if there was a device that could help you do that?

WAVE™ Kit: Wave Bolster + Headphones does exactly that! The device offers the world’s most immersive at-home meditation experience by creating physical vibrations throughout your body in sync with the beats of music meditation tracks.

The experience takes your meditation practice up a notch and allows you to feel more present. The revolutionary kit consists of premium over-ear headphones that connect directly to a bolster that generates the vibrations.

This bolster is made of memory foam and microsuede material making it extremely comfortable and ideal for generating the physical vibrations. It is also the perfect size to allow the vibrations to pulse evenly through your body and comes with adjustable vibration levels so you can change its intensity to your optimum level.

Combined together, the headphones and bolster create a never before seen meditation experience. Experience optimized meditation with this incredible device now for $169.99 -- over 14% off its usual price. 

Prices are subject to change.

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