This Paper Airplane Doubles as a Camera Drone

The PowerUp X FPV Video Paper Airplane Kit is unlike any drone (or paper airplane) that you’ve ever encountered.

The drone revolution is finally upon us, and there's a practically limitless number to choose from. Every drone on the market, however, seems to share the same general characteristics when it comes to style, control, and operation, which can make life frustrating for true aviation fanatics who want a more realistic flight experience.

This PowerUp X FPV Video Paper Airplane Kit is unlike any drone (or paper airplane) that you’ve ever encountered. It relies on realistic aerodynamic functions to soar through the air at speeds of up to 20mph while streaming HD footage directly to your smartphone. And right now this intrepid aircraft is available for 25% off at $104.99.

This paper airplane puts you in the pilot’s seat like no other drone can. Complete with an HD wide-angle camera, the FPV lets you experience flight as if you were zooming through the air in the cockpit, as it streams footage to your smartphone with an integrated app.

This app also gives you full control of your flight path, meaning you’ll be able to conduct clandestine surveillance missions, explore hidden landscapes, and capture real-time footage of your surroundings with crystal clarity.

There are also a series of auto-navigation, auto-take-off, and stabilization features that make this paper drone ideal for beginner pilots, who may need some help with the controls (especially in windy conditions).

Everything you need for assembly comes with the kit, and there’s even a crash-proof bumper to ensure that your airplane isn’t damaged if you experience some unexpected turbulence and are forced to make a crash landing.

Give yourself or that insatiable aeronautics fan in your life the gift of a drone that actually resembles a real airplane with the PowerUp X FPV Video Paper Airplane Kit—on sale for 25% off its usual price at just $104.99.

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