This Photo Shows Tesla's Anticipated Semi Truck out for a Road Test

This picture allegedly shows Tesla's all-electric semi truck on the back of a truck being taken out for road testing. The image was captured by a Reddit user and has since been taken down.

Tesla is set to unveil an all-electric truck on October 26th, and we’ve had the first glimpse of what it looks like. The company has been coy about revealing details; all they’ve released so far is one mysterious and shadowed teaser image.

This Photo Shows Tesla's Anticipated Semi Truck out for a Road Test
Source: Tesla 

However, a Reddit user posted a photo of what could be the Tesla semi being transported.

The source of the image is reportedly from an “an undisclosed place in California where they test Tesla vehicles.”

While there aren’t any logos belying the truck’s origins, it looks strikingly like the photo Tesla released. The headlights and fenders, and the windshield shape are similar to what can be seen in the teaser image.

Usually, manufacturers go out of their way to conceal new models during the testing phase of development. Tesla recently did this with the new Model X. YouTuber Juan del Real filmed an early version of the Tesla Model X being put through the motions in 2015.

“At first I thought it was a security guard making the rounds since it would come-and-go. So I paid little attention. Plus, the vinyl graphics threw me off. What finally caught my full attention was when I noticed it kept accelerating and then braking hard. That's when I took a closer look and realized what it was,” writes del Real in the description.

Watch it below.

The fact that Tesla has gone out of its way to conceal their cars using graphics and other coverings make it difficult to believe that this is the final look of the Tesla semi-truck, especially considering there are no side mirrors, a feature noticeable in the teaser image but probably not practical for highways.

There are other telling aspects of this photo which speak to the likelihood that this is, in fact, a Tesla truck. The aerodynamic wheel covers are obvious, a feature shared with the Model 3. While the truck in the photo lacks the imposing height of the teaser image, there is an “aerodynamic shroud” behind the truck. This is usually placed on top of a truck to reduce drag from the trailer.


Tesla Semi

The truck is a part of Musk’s “Master Plan Part 2” which he released last year. He stated that an all-electric semi-truck was a part of it.

Tesla Semi Truck Is Predicted to Have a Range of 200 to 300 Miles

Tesla Semi Truck Is Predicted to Have a Range of 200 to 300 Miles

“We believe the Tesla Semi will deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate," he wrote. 

The difference between Tesla’s electric design and every other semi-truck out there is the lack of engine compartment. It’s not necessary for an electric truck since the motors will most likely be placed between the axels, much like other Tesla cars.

Without an engine area, the truck is, therefore, able to be more aerodynamic and have a roomier and more comfortable space for the driver, a necessity if Tesla is focusing on the long-haul trucking market. Though, the extra room could also be for batteries.

Written by Danielle De La Bastide

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