This Retro Inspired Bluetooth Speaker Also Plays FM Radio

The HIFI MC Micro portable music system has a built-in media player, FM radio, and crystal clear audio.

Super small Bluetooth speakers don’t tend to get a lot of respect from the audiophile community. While often convenient for on-the-go listening, these speakers typically seem to lack the sonic depth and clarity that most serious listeners crave.

That’s why this HIFI MC Micro Portable Music System is such a game-changer. Not only does it deliver incredibly rich and nuanced sound, but it also acts as a standalone FM radio and full-fledged media player for all your devices. On sale for over 75% off at $22.99, this tiny-yet-mighty speaker is something you won’t want to pass up.

Featuring full Bluetooth functionally and a wireless playback time of up to ten hours, this micro system stands out from its competitors when it comes to both sound quality and convenience. Pair it seamlessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device (or use its built-in FM radio feature), store your favorite tunes on its removable microSD card, or use its auxiliary input to connect practically any other type of sound source.

The HIFI MC Micro Portable Music System also lives up to its name by providing unparalleled on-the-go convenience in a small and durable package and comes outfitted with a natural brown, genuine leather strap.

It also includes a MicroUSB charging cable and high-end matching wired cable for all your connections and even features a built-in wireless mic and speakerphone for taking calls.

Don't sacrifice sound quality for Bluetooth convenience. The HIFI MC Micro Portable Music System lets you have both for just $22.99

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