This Simple Tracking Device Can Help You Manage Your Time Better

In a world that's filled with ceaseless distractions, staying focused and on task to accomplish your goals can often feel like an impossible goal itself. The TimeFlip Magnet is here to help.

The merciless and unforgiving march of time has plagued humanity from, well, the dawn of time. There’s just not enough time in the day, week, month, or even year to finish everything that our ambitions and curiosities prod us towards, and the more we worry about time, the more time we inevitably end up wasting.

There's a reason, however, why so many successful people have been able to conquer so many of their goals: they’re simply better at managing the limited amount of time they’re allotted every day. The good news is that this life-changing skill can be developed and nurtured by anyone—even those most time-challenged people among us.

As its name implies, the TimeFlip Magnet Simple Time Tracking Device helps you manage your precious time in a way that’s both effective and entertaining, and it’s on sale for just $44.99.

Unlike most time-saving tools that seem to make matters worse by requiring an unreasonable amount of attention from their users, the TimeFlip Magnet lets you keep your focus where it’s needed. All you have to do is assign a specific task to the device, turn it once to track how long you spend conquering said task, and then flip it over to begin another task.


A powerful accompanying app helps you keep track of up to 12 simultaneous tasks that can be mapped to the Magnet’s 12 sides, and you’ll be able to access short- and long-term statistics through an app or web interface that helps you eliminate time that’s apparently been wasted on useless projects or distractions.

The TimeFlip Magnet is also fully compatible with other productivity platforms such as Toggl, Harvest, Todoist, Trello, JIRA, ZenDesk, and Wrike.

Find out for yourself why the TimeFlip Magnet Simple Time Tracking Device is being hailed by productivity gurus across the Web as the definitive time-saving device of this generation. It’s currently on sale for 25% off at just $44.99.

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