This Smart Wallet Keeps Your Belongings Secure Thanks to Its Fingerprint Access

The wallet can also alert you when you forget it behind.

We don't often think about this but regular wallets are not very secure. After all, anyone can easily open them and steal what's inside. What if there was a wallet that could keep our important cards and, cash safe?

Introducing Cashew Smart Wallet: the world's first wallet with a fingerprint reader. Fingerprint access is the best way to ensure only you have access to your wallet and, with this wallet, you can store up to 20 fingerprints in case you need to give access to loved ones.

But that's not all. Cashew is also connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth. That way you can ensure your wallet is always by your side by getting alerts every time you forget it behind.

An electronic latch securely locks your wallet and sends an alert to your phone if tampered with, while a buzzer rings in case you misplace it. Cashew can perform all these services on a single charge that lasts up to 9 months guaranteeing your smart wallet never runs out of power when you need it the most.

Finally, last but not least, in case you do lose your wallet or have it stolen, Crowdsouce GPS puts other Cashew users on the lookout for you. Get all these benefits in just one smart wallet now for only $99.95— over 32% off its usual price. 

Prices are subject to change.

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