This Smart Watch Tracks Both Your Body Temperature and Oxygen Levels

The OXITEMP Smart Watch with Live Oximeter is here to change the game for watches everywhere.

If you are using your watch as just as a watch then you are missing out. The OXITEMP Smart Watch with Live Oximeter is here to change the game for watches everywhere.

This SmartWatch multitasks for you and beats all the other watches in features and functions. It's your own personal Live Thermometer that comes with a body temperature detector and tracker.

It also has a Live Oximeter that tracks your Blood Oxygen Levels. The Pulse Monitor continuously tracks your Heart Rate and monitors your Blood Pressure.

It has all your daily routine tracker with activities like walking, climbing steps, sedentary reminders, and sleep monitor and gives you all the important health data right on your wrist. You can also get a full health report on your smartphone via a free app from the App Store or Google Play.

Best of all, it features a sweat and waterproof design that allows you to wear it anytime and anywhere. It also controls phone calls and music, receives alerts for SMS, Facebook and more.

Finally, you can view the time, date and week on the sleek 1.3-inch screen display and adjust the brightness on the ultra-clear 240x240 resolution. Get this ultra cool ultra efficient smartwatch now for just $49.95 — over 70% off its usual price. 

Prices are subject to change.

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