This Spectre Drone Is Fun, Powerful, and Makes a Great Holiday Gift

The art of flight has never been easier to master. This drone is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Drones no longer reside entirely in the realm of creepy science fiction. More and more aeronautic enthusiasts of all backgrounds are flocking to these incredible devices to capture stunning ariel imagery, harass their neighbors’ BBQ party, or just have some good old-fashion aerial fun.

There’s just one problem: Given the practically limitless in-flight capabilities of these drones, they can be wildly difficult to maneuver (even for experienced flight professionals), which is why the new TRNDlabs Spectre Drone is so popular. It’s by far the easiest drone to fly, yet it offers the same amount of power and precision as the most advanced drones on the market. And since its price just dropped from $149.99 to $92.99, picking one (or two) of these drones up for your holiday shopping list is a no-brainer.

The Spectre boasts an unparalleled level of control, stability, and maneuverability—meaning you can send it on the most daring missions without worry. It’s fully capable of performing 360º flips thanks to 6-axis gyro sensitivity, and its super powerful on-board HD camera means that no twist, turn, or dive will go undocumented.

Thanks to its 50-meter range, you won’t have to worry about your live feed cutting out as you explore and take photos of all the amazingness that surrounds you. Cutting-edge fly assist features make it remarkably easy to take off and land, and you can choose between beginner and expert flight modes to ensure that everybody in the group is able to have fun.

You can even fly the Spectre Drone at night thanks to build-in LED lights, and enjoy a live, HD, first-person view of the flight with IRIS VR goggles (sold separately).

Don’t miss out on the drone phenomenon just because you lack the skills of a professional pilot. The TRNDlabs Spectre Drone has you covered for just $92.99—over 35% off its regular price for a limited time.

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