This Tesla-Powered Kit Car Just Ran A 9-Second Quarter Mile

A company in Canada put together a car fitted with Tesla's Ludicrous Mode and took it to the track.

Tesla’s top performance car, the Model SP100D can run a quarter-mile in 10 seconds, that’s incredibly fast. However, one Canadian company wanted to see how far they could push the Tesla drivetrain.

Ottawa-based EV Controls took the guts out of a Tesla Model S P85 and put it into a kit car, along with two battery packs from a Chevy Volt. They then took their creation to Luskville, Dragway in Quebec to try it out.

EV Controls filmed the entire run from both outside and inside the car for their YouTube channel.

The EV kit car, called 818, managed to shock onlookers when it covered all 1,320 feet (402 meters) of the track in just 9.869 seconds, trapping 129 mph (2017 km/h). That's more than a second quicker than a P100D with Ludicrous mode.

EV Controls primarily makes T1-C controllers that allows you to adapt the powertrain into other vehicles.

“The T-1 allows CAN control over the drive modes (Drive, Neutral, Reverse), displays the information coming back from the inverter, and allows you to control and adjust the power and regenerative braking limits. The T-1C does all this and adds 12 outputs to control a variety of outputs that any installation would require,” the company explains on their website.

They modified Tesla’s firmware to work with this controller, together they both produced about 530 horsepower, “about 60 hp more than the stock motor outputs,” states website The Drive.

Thanks to the 818 being a kit car, the team was able to lighten the load by about 2,500 pounds which to be fair, is much mightier than a Model S. The 818 came in at around 2,100 pounds.


Ludicrous Mode

Ludicrous Mode is the name for the 2015 turbo upgrade for all Model S cars. There is no battery involved either; it comes from what Musk called, “fairly advanced and exotic electronics.

Tesla Semi Truck Is Predicted to Have a Range of 200 to 300 Miles

Tesla Semi Truck Is Predicted to Have a Range of 200 to 300 Miles

Elon Musk claimed at the end of 2016 that the Tesla Model S P100D would be able “to do 0 to 60mph in 2.4 seconds and a 10.6-second ¼ mile via software update next month,” he stated on Twitter with the usual Musk confidence.

Then, earlier this year, a Model S set a quarter-mile world record for the fastest stock four-door sedan ever. Coupled with a Ludicrous Plus upgrade, the car was able to mark the quarter mile at 10.72 seconds out the gate. Just a little shy of Musk’s prediction but still something to write home about.


A video of the event was recorded by YouTube channel DragTimes. They also revealed that three P100Ds went to the drag track to race that night, but only one hit the 10.7 range.

Since speed is definitely one of Tesla’s priorities, perhaps they should take a meeting with the team from EV Controls.

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