This Unique Shaver Can Help You Get Rid of Unsightly Back Hair

Unlike most back shavers that are uncomfortable and ineffective, the BaKblade 2.0 makes getting rid of that back hair a breeze.

Conceptions of beauty differ dramatically across cultures, which is great. But one thing that most cultures can agree on regarding human beauty is that a back full of hair just isn’t very appealing.

Countless products and devices on the market claim to help tame an unruly batch of unsightly back hair, but these so-called remedies are either wildly ineffective, far too impractical for everyday use, or leave behind bloody scratches that are even more unattractive than the hair itself.

The BaKblade 2.0 Back Shaver is here to officially save the day. This simple solution to your back-hair woes lets you quickly and easily shave your back with minimal effort and zero discomfort, and right now it’s on sale for just $16.99.

Anyone who’s tried to use a traditional back shaver knows just how tricky they are to manipulate. The BaKblade 2.0 Back Shaver, on the other hand, features a patented ergonomic design and full razor flexibility, so you’ll be able to reach those endlessly frustrating spots on your back with ease.

Unlike most back shavers that merely strap a handle onto a regular face razor, the blades on the BaKblade are specifically engineered for back and body hair—which tends to be less coarse and trickier to handle than facial hair—so there’s less irritation-causing friction between the razor and your skin.

The handle features a fully ergonomic and easy-grip design so your wrist won’t grow tired, and it even collapses halfway so you can get to those extra hard-to-reach spots.

Do your back (and subsequently your partner) a favor by picking up a BaKblade 2.0 Back Shaver—on sale for over 40% off at just $16.99.

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