Top 10 Apps for Engineers

Top 10 Apps for Engineers

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If there is one thing for certain about engineers, its that they love anything that can make their life easier and more efficient. For a long time, phone apps were only for fun and games, but now there are tons of phone apps that will make your engineering job a breeze. Many of these apps are available on both Android and Apple devices and they have all proven to be some of the most useful tools for engineers out in the field. Check them out!

AutoCAD 360

ACAD pocket app [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

If you are an engineer, it is highly likely that you use some version of AutoCAD in your daily life. This design software makes sketching out your ideas a breeze, and it is also offered in a mobile app. This app allows you to view and edit DWG files on your mobile device or tablet.

Platforms: Apple & Android

MathPix Problem Solver

ENGINEERING app math  [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

Mathpix is every engineering student's dream. It is the first app that allows you to take a snapshot of a math problem where the app will then solve it visually. It reads handwriting or printed text to input complex problems where it will then output the answer directly into the blank space on the page.

Platforms: Apple & Soon coming to Android

Engineering Professional

engineering pro  [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

Engineering Professional is a handy app that organizes every equation you could ever need to solve engineering problems. The equations are laid out by engineering specialty and it includes over 650 individual formulas for all of your engineering needs.

Platforms: Apple


finger CAD  [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

FingerCAD may seem gimmicky at first, but this application can be a useful tool for quickly designing floor plans and getting an idea for how a space will be laid out. It allows you design in 3D so you end up with quick and easy visuals while you are still onsite.

Platforms: Apple

Graphing Calculator

graphing calculator  [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

If you don't want to lug around that clunky TI-89 or Nspire graphing calculator around, you can get this handy app that will perform all of the functions you need. Whether you are working on homework or a practicing engineer in the field, this handy graphing calculator will prove to be a valuable tool.

Platforms: Apple

HVAC Professional

HVAC helper calc [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

This app specifically deals with heating and air conditioning, put it could also be useful for the occasional handyman around the house. Whether you are a HVAC professional or just someone trying to fix your broken A/C unit, the included 200 formulas will help walk you through the process.

Platforms: Apple


iCircuit  [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

iCircuit is probably the best way to sketch out circuits and components on the go. The app will not only allow you to draw circuits but also test functions, check voltages and help troubleshoot.

Platforms: All platforms


iEngineer  [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

If you need to find the perfect screw or bolt to fit your project, iEngineer is the most comprehensive database of information about hardware sizes. It has both US and Metric screw sizes as well as tap information, clearance sizes, shear force capacities, unit conversions and many more intricate features.

Platforms: Apple

LuxCalc Fluid Calculator

luxcalc fluid properties  [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

If you are a mechanical engineer who needs help with thermodynamics or fluid properties, LuxCalc is for you. The main focus of the app is calculating the thermophysical properties of various fluids within a high degree of accuracy. It works in both US and Metric and can even graph trend plots for changes in density, viscosity, thermal diffusivity and more.

Platforms: Apple & Windows PC

Truss Me!

Truss Me! [Image Source: iTunes/Apple]

This last app is for the engineer that needs something to do on his break. Whether you are a civil engineer or not, Truss Me! is a fun game that allows you to design and test structures. It offers up challenges to create stronger structures while also teaching you about the engineering process behind everything.

Platforms: Apple & Android

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