Top 10 Chemical Engineering Schools in the USA

Engineering programs are among the most popular and highly in demand courses in universities today, and there are several factors to consider as a priority before entering a university.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

#1 on this list of chemical engineering schools is MIT. It has been founded 156 years ago and has been declared as the Best University in the world by the QS World University Rankings last year up to this year. They have a five-star rating and has achieved the maximum score on research, teaching, facilities, inclusiveness, employability, internationalization, specialist criteria and innovation. It is known for their world-class way of teaching in various courses such as architecture, linguistics, mathematics, economics, chemistry, computer science, information systems, and most of all engineering and technology.

Stanford University

#2 on this list of chemical engineering schools is Stanford University, which is not only known in the US it is also popular in other countries and has been one of the top choices of students abroad. It is ranked as the second best according to the latest list of rankings. They are known for their expertise in Social Sciences and Management, Natural Sciences, Life Sciences and Medicine, Arts and Humanities and most of all Engineering and Technology. The university is located in Silicon Valley California. It is a home of the world’s brightest researchers, entrepreneurs, and influencers like John Kennedy, Larry Page, and Sergei Brin.

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

#3 on this list of chemical engineering schools is UCB. This institution is known for the quality and size of its laboratories used for research and libraries. It is also known as “Cal.” Berkeley’s undergraduate and graduate programs consistently place the university on the very best place in the National rankings. Plutonium was discovered in 1941 by two professors working here as well as other elements like californium and berkelium.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

#4 on this list of chemical engineering schools is Caltech, which is ranked as the 5th best university in the world by the QS World University Rankings in the year 2016-2017. It is top in research, facilities, special criteria, and innovation. They are strong in biological sciences, earth and marine science, physics and astronomy, chemistry, natural sciences and chemical engineering. Although small they are known for their research and their way of teaching.

Princeton University

#5 on this list of chemical engineering schools is Princeton. This university is often part of some Hollywood movies it is not only famous because of its exposure but also for their excellence in Chemical Engineering. It is one of the oldest universities in the US, it was established in 1746, and it was where former US presidents James Madison and Woodrow Wilson graduated from. The universities reputation is impeccable. It ranked 11th in the QS World Ranking and had a 5-star.

University of Wisconsin-Madison 

#6 on this list of chemical engineering schools is University of Wisconsin-Madison, which has a huge campus composed of 378 hectares, and inside the campus, it contains botanical gardens which are peaceful and perfect places for studying, it also has a music hall for musician and enthusiasts, a dairy farm and a hospital. They have an excellent reputation in academics and research. It is part of the top 20 best universities by QS World University rankings and was part of the top 100 universities for employability in the Graduate Employability Rankings this year. They are known for their expertise in Agriculture and forestry, Sociology, Education and training, History, Communication and media studies, Geography, and Chemical Engineering.


University of Minnesota

#7 on this list of chemical engineering schools is University of Minnesota, which is rank as one of the most prestigious university in the US and one of the most comprehensive public university. They are known for their tradition of public service and education. The university was founded in 1851 and composed of four campuses. Their main goal is to conduct high-quality research, generate and preserve knowledge, providing scholarships, share the knowledge, understanding and creativity through a broad range of education.

Georgia Institute of Technology 

#8 on this list of chemical engineering schools is Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech. This university ranked 70th by the QS World University Rankings. Based on its name Georgia Tech is a science and technology research university. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia and they are known for the expertise in Material Sciences, Architecture, Electronic and Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics and Operational Research, and Chemical Engineering.


University of Texas in Austin

#9 on this list of chemical engineering schools is University of Texas – Austin, which was ranked 67th by the QS World University Rankings and part of the top 80 regarding employability this year. They are strong in communication and media and also known for chemical engineering.


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Yale University

#10 on this list of chemical engineering schools is Yale University, with an overall 5-star Yale has not only achieved full marks in internationalization, specialist criteria, research and innovation they also landed as the 15th best universities in the world based on the QS World University Rankings for the year 2016 to present. They are known for being competitive in law and legal studies, history, literature, humanities, arts, politics, and English language. The university is based in New Haven, Connecticut and it was founded in the year 1701. The campus is composed of an armory, art gallery, a center for the British art, a hockey rink, gymnasium. Science labs, and athletic fields.


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