Top 10 of the Largest Cruise Ships in the World

Top 10 of the Largest Cruise Ships in the World

Ships in this chart are ordered by their weight and the number of people they can accommodate during recreational trip. It is impressive that each of these ships gathers a number of tourists equal to the population of a small town or village.
10. Mariner of the seas. The ship belongs to the Royal Caribbean company. The vessel is sailing officially from 2003 and is able to accommodate up to 3114 passengers, and it weighs 138 279 tons.

800px-Carnival-Freedom-Cruise-Ship[Image Source: Wikimedia]

9. Navigator of the seas. This is the twin brother of Mariner of the seas with very similar characteristics. Ships were built in a shipyard at Turku, Finland.

8. MSC Divina. The ship was designed by De Jorio Design International. It was built in 2012 offers space for 3502 passengers and 1388 crew members.

7. RMS Queen Mary 2. It is the flagman of the Cunard fleet. The British company assigned building of their flagship to Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard. The vessel could accommodate up to 3090 passengers and it is 150 000 tones heavy.

6. Independence of the seas. This is another member of the Royal Caribbean fleet. It is 154 407 tons heavy and provides space for 4370 travelers along with a crew of 1360 members.

5. Liberty of the seas. It seems that Royal Caribbean took serious effort to create impressive fleet of luxury cruise ships. Liberty of the seas has the same tonnage as Independence of the seas, but can carry a bit more passengers – 4600.

4. Freedom of the seas. It is floating since June, 2006. 3634 passengers could spend their vacation on the ship that weighs 154 407 tons too.

3. Norwegian epic. It is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line and operates since July, 2009. The ship that weighs 155 873 tons is able to transport in luxurious conditions up to 4100 people plus 1708 crew members.

2. Oasis of the seas. The ship is able to accommodate 5400 people in a complex of steel that weighs 225 282 tons.

1. Allure of the seas. The champion comes from Royal Caribbean too. The cruise ship weighs as much as Oasis of the seas, but accommodates maximum population of 6296 people. When the crew is included – 2384 members, the overall population becomes more than 8500 people on a single ship at the same time.