Top 10 Weekend Projects for Engineers

Don't have anything to do this weekend? Check out our list of the top 10 weekend projects and stay busy and productive!

Every engineer loves working on weekend projects or fixing up the occasional broken electronic device, but what if you want to build something but don't know what to do? Luckily, we have assembled a list of top 10 best weekend projects that we have covered over the years. From building yourself an explosive tripwire alarm to cleaning off rust around the house, we have you covered. You could even try to work through this list each weekend, and those boring Saturdays alone can start being productive! If you want to learn more about the project, just click on the "Click here" button on each project.


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10. Make an Electric Skateboard

Motorized vehicles are awesome fun, but they can be really expensive. Why spend the money on a new motor and skateboard when you have your handy electric drill lying around? This project may still cost you a little money, but it is far cheaper than buying the motorized skateboard altogether. Check it out below.

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9. Build a Beautiful Patio Table

If your wife (or husband) has been nagging you to fix up things around the house, why not impress them with your engineering and design skills by building a nice patio table. Not to mention, this project could use all that scrap wood you have around the house. With just a bag of concrete and some extra 2x4s, you can make this perfect luxury table.

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8. Create an Explosive Alarm System

This project is a little more on the fun side rather than being incredibly useful, but we suppose, if you were trying to protect yourself from zombies, this would be perfect. Gather up a battery, clothespin and a few other things to create a super simple DIY trip-wire alarm. You can rig the alarm to trigger the fuse on a firecracker or just light up an LED. Whatever you do, be safe in doing it.

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7. Learn to Pick a Lock

Learning how to pick a lock can be a useful skill for when you get locked out of your house, and it is actually not too hard to learn. Check out the informative article through the "Click here" link to learn a little more and increase your lockpicking skills!

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6. Build a Fan Cell Phone Charger

If you are plagued by your phone always running out of batteries, then build yourself a phone charger that is powered by the wind. This charger is perfect for someone who bicycles a lot, as the recycled computer fan will generate electricity as you bike down the path.

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5. Make a Spare House Key

Didn't want to learn how to pick a lock but still keep getting locked out? Why not make a spare key out of a leftover can. Sure, you can go to the store and buy a key for pretty cheap, but a real engineer makes his own key. Besides, this saves you a trip to the store.

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4. Clean Up All That Rust

All those old parts you have lying around the house start getting rusty pretty fast. If you want to make everything look good as new, we have assembled 6 of the best ways to remove rust without hard chemicals and with things you have around the house.

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3. Make a Handy Vacuum Cleaner

House getting dirty but have a broken vacuum? Look no further! While you will most certainly get more power out of that expensive Hoover, you can create your very own hand vacuum cleaner with a spare jug and some tubing. This would be great to keep in the car to clean seat cracks or maybe just to clean out all those food crumbs from the couch.

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2. Build a 3D Printer on the Cheap

3D printing is perhaps one of the biggest technological achievements in the last 10 years and it shows a lot of promise, but it is also really expensive. While recreational and even industrial 3D printers are getting cheaper, you can put those engineering skills to the test and build your own for under $80.

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1. Create a Voice Activated Speaker

Amazon has a voice-operated and responsive speaker called Echo which uses the AI technology of Alexa. Instead of shelling out several hundred dollars for the Echo speaker, Amazon themselves actually open-sourced the process so you can create your own Echo speaker with a Raspberry Pi. This project is definitely for the more technologically in tune, but beginners might be able to figure it out too!

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Written by Trevor English