Top 11 Reasons to Fall in Love with an Engineer

Engineers are historically some of the best people to date. From their reliable and well-paying job to their logical thought process, there are tons of reason why falling in love with an engineer should probably be your life goal. If you needed a little motivation as to why you should date an engineer, here are 11 of the best reasons.

They can fix anything, or at least try

Forget having to call a plumber and spend hundreds to fix that leaky pipe. Engineers will be able to fix whatever is broken around your house and all they require is a cold beer for compensation.

Conflicts will be resolved in a calm logical manner

If you hate conflicts that only escalate and don't go anywhere, then dating an engineer is the way to go. Their education and training have taught them to be logical and systematical, even when it comes to high-stress situations. That means that fights will be solved easily, logically, and faster than you would have expected.

You can joke about really nerdy things like friction

Everyone has a nerdy side in them and making those dumb jokes you thought you could never share with anyone is what engineers will love. With an engineer, you can joke about the 'friction' between you or how that gravitational force is really making you love them more. Not because they're fat though, please don't imply that.

Engineers can handle the all-night talks

Engineers are used to pulling all-nighters from their seemingly endless years in higher education. This means that if you need someone to talk to late at night, an engineer is the perfect person.

They can do your taxes

Four years of upper-level math has given engineers a very particular set of skills, skills they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for the IRS. They can find every tax loophole in the books and make sure you get all the money you can from your tax return.

They can use statistics to win at gambling

Since engineers are good at math, they can calculate odds and statistics with a breeze. This means that winning those games of blackjack at the casino is going to net you some serious cash.

Stress and strain don't make an engineer sweat

Engineers are used to stress and strain, so they know how to react when a relationship undergoes some pressure. Engineers know commitment to a project, and they aren't willing to give up easily.

They're smart

While in high school going for the dumb jock may have seemed like the cooler option, but falling in love with an engineer is the way to go in the long run. Since engineers are smart, they will get good paying jobs, and they can even help your kids with their homework. Win, win.

No challenge is too big for an engineer

Engineers have been hardened to handle seemingly impossible projects and timelines. If you need something done, don't be afraid to ask your engineering lover.

They don't know how awesome they are

Typical engineers have spent their whole lives being told that they are nerds and uncool. While this is disappointing, it also means that most engineers don't know how awesome they really are. This means that they aren't cocky, and they'll love you forever with just a few compliments.

Dates don't have to be fancy

Engineers don't need anything fancy. A fridge full of beer and a soldering iron is all an engineer needs to have a good time. If you are feeling like a fancy date is in store, however, an engineer will make sure it runs smoothly and to plan.

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