Top 5 Most Beautiful Wrecked Ships

Top 5 Most Beautiful Wrecked Ships

1. Homebush Bay became a final destination for SS Airfield. The steamship has been built in Britain in 1911 and has been used for coal transportation. On the following year the ship traveled to Sydney, Australia, and during WWII supplied the US army.

Homebush_Bay_-_SS_Ayrfield[Image Source: Wikimedia]

2. Murmansk is a city in Russia and a former battleship too. In 1994 the ship was sold to India for scrapping, but while traveling the ship got stuck in the shallow waters near Norway and remained there until now.

Murmansk_cruiser_shipwreck[Image Source: Wikimedia]

3. HMAS Protector was ordered by the Australian government to protect local shores. Protector was classified as light cruiser with 920 tons displacement and extraordinary strong armament. Two engines with total power of 1500 hp moved the vehicle. The ship was requisitioned by the American army in 1943 and got sunk in a battle near New Guinea. Its remains are still there.

HMAS_Protector_Remains_S01[Image Source: Wikimedia]

4. Olympia was shipwrecked by pirates near the Greek island Amorgos. It could be seen in the “Big Blue” movie.

Wreck's_of_Amorgos[Image Source: Wikimedia]

5. The Gallant Lady elegantly lies on the shore of Bimini, Bahamas. The ship wrecked during the Hurricane Mitch in 1997 and for 16 years the salt water and the storms left almost naked steel skeleton with some hull plates.

Alice_Town_Bimini_Bahamas_02[Image Source: Wikimedia]