Top 3 Jobs with Highest Marine Engineering Salary

Top 3 Jobs with Highest Marine Engineering Salary

In this article, we will look at the industries that employ the most marine engineers and pay the highest Marine Engineering Salary. We will also take a look at the overview of the marine engineering jobs and industry. I will discuss a little bit about the educational requirements of marine engineers, jobs they can apply to, and professional organizations or societies that most marine engineers join. Then I will tell you what the top three jobs are that pay the highest marine engineering salary.

Marine Engineering Salary

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Just to give our readers a little idea on what marine engineers are: they work with ships. They are in charge of the designs and the construction. They look after the maintenance of the ships they are assigned to. They work with naval captains and other engineering and maintenance teams as well.

Marine engineers do not just work with one type of ship; they work with all kinds of ships. These include sailboats, tankers, submarines, and aircraft carriers.

Introduction to Marine Engineering

Marine engineers are given the responsibility of developing and operating ships that can carry cargo safely to and from their destinations. Marine engineers have to make sure that ships are designed to combat even the harshest environment that can be encountered at sea.

Graduates of marine engineering are also suited to working as mechanical engineers aside from working as marine engineers among other opportunities.

Due to the harsh environments you would work in, to become a successful marine engineer you must also develop your personality, communication and leadership skills.

The Marine Engineering Sector

In the United States today, the number of engineers have grown year by year to over one million. Despite the high number of engineers, you will be surprised to know that there are only a few thousands of marine engineers in that entire population.

Marine engineers are not acquainted with using equipment like engines, heaters, deck machines, pumps, or gear. Some of them concentrate on ship building, system design, structural inspection, maintenance and repairs, and the overall functions of the ship.

For many decades, shipbuilding design and operational functions have been operated by baby-boomers. However, now that they are retiring from the workforce, we are left with significant gaps and massive skill shortage.

Educational Requirements for Marine Engineering

If you are considering becoming a marine engineer, then make sure to get at least a bachelor’s degree in any of the three: marine engineering, ocean engineering, and mechanical engineering. However, if you want to get into an important position in this field, then get a Master’s degree in marine engineering – some would even go the extra mile to getting doctorate degrees.

Marine Engineering Jobs

The first requirement that a marine engineer graduate should have to get a job in this field is to be passionate about ships and definitely love the water.

Traditional jobs that a marine engineer can get into include ship engineering, naval combat engineering, and marine systems design. Working in this profession means spending much time on ships and at sea. You will be away from home most of the time. You will encounter different dangerous situations at sea. So having a strong personality and natural leadership skills are quite necessary.

Professional Organizations & Societies

Professional organizations or societies are ideal for marine engineers’ career advancements and personal development. These groups and communities were formed by individuals who work in the same field. They form these groups to share ideas, give and take advice, and even find new jobs.

Some of these organizations are listed below:

1. American Society of Naval Engineers
2. Marine Engineers Beneficial Association
3. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Top 3 Jobs with Highest Marine Engineering Salary


A marine engineer gets a job as a Marine Engineer, of course. As discussed earlier, a marine engineer’s primary job is to design, test, build, and repair everything you see in ships, boats, and submarines among others.

A marine engineer gets paid $76,502 median salary per year. The average salary can go up if the candidate has engineering design background and skill.

According to, there are about 10% of marine engineers that earn less than $44,000 a year and 10% that make $144,000. Most marine engineers work with private companies. Some work in the government sector.


You can gradually move up to become a Naval Architect if you have graduated from a marine engineering course and have worked enough to get a solid understanding of the big picture and how the thousands of systems, in a ship, work together.

A naval engineer is paid $44.76 per hour on average. The lowest hourly rate is at $29.38, and the highest is at $71.80. On a yearly basis, the average salary is at $93,110. The lowest annual salary is at $61,110, and the highest is at $149,330.

Marine engineers and naval architects work together. Their roles and responsibilities are similar in most aspects because a naval architect designs the ship and takes care of construction inside and out.


An ocean engineering graduate has a starting salary of $63,225 and a median salary of $118,597 annually. Oceanographers and marine biologists work very closely with ocean engineers. Moreover, like marine engineers and naval architects, ocean engineers also take care of the structure of the ship. They make sure the ship and other water crafts can withstand the weathering effects of the ocean. So in some ways, they are structural engineers who are experts in understanding the cause & effects of forces (water and wind) at sea.

Graduates of this field can be engineers and can get any job that is related to the ocean because they understand the many related natural resources of the sea like natural gas, oil, and oxygen. They also help marine biologists and oceanographers come up with solutions to water resource problems and create life-saving technologies.

If you think this is a career worth pursuing, then go for it, it is a challenging one, but one that promises much fun and excellent skills to be gained.


In conclusion, the marine engineering jobs and the industry have been involved in building, designing, testing, repairing, and improving equipment used underwater and on water surfaces. The industry was also responsible for exploring underwater life and creating equipment to observe living creatures and changes inside the ocean.

Today, the marine engineering industry has become more focused on building and designing ships, boats, submarines, and other water vehicles. Could it be because many titles have cropped up that relates to the study of water, life under the water, and of engineering equipment and vehicles for water?

The marine engineering industry, though, is great at what it does and marine engineers enjoy their careers especially when they love spending a lot of their time at sea.

Whatever it is that drives you to become a marine engineer, loving what you do will get you to where you want to be in your career. If you grew up reading comic books and Aqua Man was one of your heroes, then don’t think twice and find out what it would be like to work at the sea.

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Marine Engineering Salary

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