Pyka's cargo vehicle aims to further last-mile connectivity in remote areas.

Jijo Malayil | 2/1/2023

The parent firm had submitted a request to suspend payment proceedings of Atlas Technologies.

Jijo Malayil | 1/27/2023

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that mass production will have to wait till 2024.

Jijo Malayil | 1/26/2023

A company recently tested the Chimera engine that could work as a turbojet-ramjet hybrid. The Chimera could power the world's fastest jet in the future.

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LINX P9 is claimed to be the world’s most advanced 9-Seater aircraft with VTOL capability.

Jijo Malayil | 1/25/2023

Lazzarini, an Italian design house, unveiled their plans for a 74-meter-long superyacht powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The vessel, Plectrum, takes design cues from America's latest sailboats and features an innovative foiling system.

Jijo Malayil | 1/24/2023

An ultra-fast hyperloop train in China has completed three test runs at a superconducting maglev test line in Datong, Shanxi province.

The data comes as the firm finished testing for a contract awarded by the US Air Force. 

Jijo Malayil | 1/17/2023

The state highlights the lack of charging infrastructure for EVs and the additional pressure on power generation.

Jijo Malayil | 1/16/2023

Passenger train developer Orient Express is unveiling the world’s largest sailing ship, called Orient Express Silenseas, to set on its first journey in 2026.