10 Of The Best YouTube Channels For Keeping Your Car In Fit Condition

If you like to tinker with your motor yourself rather than taking it to a mechanic these YouTube channels are perfect for keeping your car in fit condition.
Christopher McFadden
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There is nothing more satisfying than fixing or servicing your own car. It saves tons of cash and could turn from a passion into a profession.

These YouTube Channels will really help you better understand your car and keep it in fit condition. The following range from mechanics with decades of general experience to more specialized experts on particular brands of car.

1. Scotty Kilmer has over 50 years experience fixing cars

Subscribers: 1.5 Million +

Scotty Kilmer is a mechanic with over 50 years experience under his belt. His videos are packed with useful hints and tips and, not to mention, humor.


He aims to provide a "people's automotive channel" free from advertising and is built to educate and share information. He does not only aims to help you fix your car but he also understands the basic workings of your pride and joy.

Subscribers are also encouraged to share their own tips and show off their wheels and he runs tool giveaways from time to time.

2. Coldwarmotors enjoy fixing anything with an engine

Subscribers: 26 Thousand +

Cold War Motors is a DIY car repair channel that specializes in refurbishing old clankers. Videos include overviews of their progress bringing long-forgotten heaps of metal back to their former glory.

These guys really care about their projects and their enthusiasm for what they do is certainly infectious. After watching a few of their videos you'll find yourself 'revving to go' and find your own wrecks to fix up.

Warning they may inspire you to invest unhealthy amounts of time tinkering with old machines. We tried.

3. FordTechMakuloco is all about fixing Fords

Subscribers: 271 Thousand +

FordTechMakuloco has over 500 videos to help you repair and keep fit your beloved Ford. The channel aims to provide 2 new videos a week, generally on Monday and Fridays, on topics ranging from common repairs to diagnostics and educational content.

It also has videos on how to upgrade or modify your Ford and shows you best practices to " help you fix it right the first time!"

4. Ratchets and Wrenches love their work

Subscribers: 460 Thousand +

Ratchets and Wrenches started out as DIY car repair channel for fun but its popularity has grown exponentially over the years. The channel focusses on hints and tips on car maintenance, basic and more complex repairs and also blends theory and practice in one informative and easy to understand video.

Ratchets and Wrenches honestly love what they do and take great pride in helping you help yourself to learn and perform your own repairs.

The channel's content has something for everyone into car maintenance and if you can't find what you're looking for you can always send them a message.

5. ChrisFix's got you covered

Subscribers: 4.3 Million +

ChrisFix has an enormous 4.3 million subscriber base, and for good reason. His channel is filled with tutorials on simple and more challenging repairs and tips for beginners and experts alike.

He's been on YouTube since 2005 and produces new content every 10 days or so.

Topics range from changing your own electrical car battery to restoring headlights and everything in between.

"Learn how to fix your own car with my easy to follow, step-by-step how to style videos for both beginners and experts. Save money, know the job is getting done properly, and feel great after you fix your own car!" - ChrisFix

Why not check out his channel today.

6. South Main Auto Repair lives and breathes car maintenance

Subscribers: 221 Thousand +

South Main Auto is a YouTube channel run by one Eric O. He owns and runs a small town 3 bay auto repair workshop and has over 17 years experience as a full-time mechanic.

He grew up in the automotive industry and has extensive experience working on domestic and Asian cars as well as light trucks.

Eric loves to share his experience with his viewers and is on a mission to help you save time and money on your own vehicles. His videos include real-life repairs and tutorials and his delivery is both entertaining and interesting.

7. The Humble Mechanic specializes in VW's

Subscribers: 250 Thousand +

The Humble Mechanic is a channel dedicated to working on and repairing Volkswagens. Given their reputation for generally being pretty tough cars to work on yourself you can trust this chap knows his stuff.

His videos are always 'on point' and covers a wide range of topics from tool reviews to complete engine swaps. He has over ten years fixing broken down VW's and is a certified VW technician and loves to share his experience with his viewers.

He also has one heck of an impressive beard - if that hasn't sold it we don't know what will.

8. Engineering Explained is more in-depth than most

Subscribers: 2 Million +

Engineering Explained, unlike others on the list, focusses more on how cars actually work. It’s a much more heavily engineering-orientated channel run by Jason Fenske (a Mechanical Engineer) who aims to help you understand the inner workings of your car for pure fun or to help you to be a better mechanic.

Jason loves cars whose goal is to "help other people passionate about cars learn how they work." Subscribe to him now!

9. Bleepinjeep focusses on off-roaders and Jeeps

Subscribers: 250 Thousand +

Bleepinjeep is DIY car fix YouTube channel for anyone into off-roader and Jeeps. It is full of tutorials on maintenance and other "How-to's" on a variety of other topics.

The channel's videos are also helpfully cataloged into playlists on specific systems, like brakes, cooling etc, to make topics very easy to find.

It also provides videos on useful tips like "how to remove stuff at a salvage yard" and others on welding techniques etc. You can consider this as a kind of one-stop shop for your DIY car fixing needs.

10. EricTheCarGuy

Subscribers: 1.1 Million +

EricTheCarGuy is dedicated to the art of auto repair and also helping do-it-yourselfers. It has a health subscriber base of over 1 million and often features on top XX automotive YouTube channels (like this one).

It has a library of over 800 videos on many topics on auto-repairs as well as refurbs of old cars and mods. If you can't find what you're looking for you can always ask him a question.


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