15 of the Most Exceptional Limos Yet Devised

From stretched limo tanks to Batmobiles, these limos are exceptional.
Christopher McFadden
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Are you a fan of limousines? Looking for one with a little je ne sais quoi? Then this collection of the world's most unique and, frankly, exceptional limos is for you. 

Hold on tight, some of these will defy all logic. Others are, to be quite honest, some of the best ideas we have ever seen for a stretched limousine.

1. This Michelin 10-wheel limo is something else

citreon limo
Source: Micha Socke/Facebook

One of the world's most exceptional limousines has got to be the Michelin Citreon "Centipede". With a total of ten wheels, this amazing limo can, by all accounts, reach a top speed of 110 mph (177 km/h). 

Also known as the Citreon Poids Lourd Rapide (PLR), This custom vehicle was built in 1972 to test Michelin's commercial vehicle tires. Interestingly, it is not the tires on the outside that were tested, but the larger truck tires inside it, which were tested using special testing gear. 

This limo is a hybrid of a Citreon DS front and DS Safari rear. All-in-all, the vehicle measures around 23 feet long (7 meters). Four of its wheel are used for steering, with the remainder acting as drive wheels. 

2. This limo was created using an old Lear jet

cool limos learmousine
Source: Mecum Auctions

Another exquisite example of interesting limos is this fantastic converted commercial jet. A Frankenstein's monster of a vehicle, this limousine is seriously cool.

Built by Dan Harris of Bend, Oregon, the limo was recently put up for auction. Lovingly nicknamed the "Learmousine", this vehicle is actually street legal and it measures 42 feet (12.8 meters) long and 8 feet (2.43 meters) wide. 

It took somewhere in the region of 40,000 hours to assemble and is powered by an 8.1L Chevrolet Vortec V-8, 400 HP truck engine. The old jet engine nacelles are not just cosmetic either.

They contain powerful speakers that, according to its original auction listing, can be used to play authentic jet engine sound effects. What's not to like? 

3. Have you seen the "sideways" limo?

exceptional limos sideways
Source: sh**tylimos/Reddit

We are not entirely sure if this one counts as a true limo or not. Whatever the case, this is certainly one of the most unique custom vehicles we have ever seen. 

Made from two co-joined Suzuki cars, it would be interesting to find out if this car uses one engine or two. It would certainly be an interesting vehicle to drive. 

Assuming it was street legal, this limo must be a nightmare to park. Would you have to buy two tickets at a car park too? 

4. Monstrosity or a piece of art? The jury is out

fascinating limos moroccan
Source: sh**tylimos/Reddit

A combination of a pre-combustion engined age sedan and a car, this limousine is bound to divide opinions. Garish to some, a thing of beauty to others, we would like to meet the designer of this vehicle. 

In all fairness, until you reach beyond the driver's compartment towards the rear, this limo is a thing of beauty. The passenger compartment, however, is definitely in the eye of the beholder. 

We'll let you be the judge of this one. 

5. This might be the longest limo ever built

exceptional limos american dream
Source: AbandonedPorn/Reddit

This might possibly be the longest stretched limo ever built. It was originally built in the 1990s by the Hollywood car customizer Jay Ohrberg and is based on the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. 

Dubbed "The American Dream", this limo was 100 feet long (30.5 meters) and included all the "mod cons" like a small helipad and a hot tub. The massive limo boasted an articulated center that required a second driver to operate, as well as two engines and 26 wheels. Just after it was built, the Guinness Book of World Records officially recognized the limo as the world's longest. 

At some point in the 2000s, the limo was left to rot in a parking lot and its bodywork was damaged, and interior stripped. However, it has since been rescued by Autoseum in Mineola, New York, who are working to restore the vehicle to its former glory. 

6. Check out this all-terrain limo

interesting limos snowcat limo
Source: Cr**kheadCraigslist/Reddit

Stretched limousines are great, and all, but what they tend to lack is a set of caterpillar tracks. Thankfully, this limo creator thought the same and built this exquisite piece of work. 

This particular example was built by fusing a 1989 Cadillac stretched limousine and an SV 250 bombardier snowcat. The final product is, to be quite honest, one of the coolest things we have ever seen. 

Apparently built as a film prop, this snowcat-Cadillac hybrid actually works. 

Described, according to its last known auction listing, as a "snowcat limo", this beautiful piece of engineering could have been yours for as little as $6,000. Now, that is money very well spent. 

7. This Rolls-Royce limo is owned by the Sultan of Brunei

unique limos gold rolls royce
Source: sh**tylimos/Reddit

"Money doesn't buy taste," as the saying goes, and judging by this ultra-extravagant limousine, the sentiment is stronger than ever. Featuring gold trimmings and a wooden front bumper, this Rolls-Royce limousine is like nothing else you've seen. 

Apparently plated in 24-carat gold, this limo was based on a Rolls Royce Silver Spur II and was used for the Sultan of Brunei's wedding day. According to some estimates, the car cost a total of $14 million. 

Apparently one of the Sultan's estimated 7,000 cars, 5,000 of which are one-of-a-kinds, this vehicle certainly fits the bill for someone who likes to collect unique toys. 

8. This stretched limo Delorean might be the best limo ever built

awesome limos delorean
Source: sh**tylimos/Reddit

We promise you this image is not photoshopped. It is, in actual fact, a bona fide stretched limo DeLorean DMC-12. 

Built by a man who loves nothing more than modding old DMC-12's, this limo is probably one of the best ever built. Made from parts off three DeLoreans, this limo is a "Back to the Future" fan's dreams come true. 

The genius behind this limo is Rich Weissensel, who specializes in turning old and forgotten DMC-12's into unique reimaginations of the classic car. Among his portfolio of modded DeLorean's is a monster truck and a "Back to the Future" DeLorean replica. 

All his cars are built using old and scrapped cars, and he never uses functional vehicles for his projects. 

9. This Porsche Panamera stretch limo is something to behold

cool limos porsche
Source: Official Whip Section/Pinterest

We'll take a break from the more esoteric examples of limos above with this magnificent stretched Porsche Panamera example. Possibly cooler than the regular version of the car, this limo is even more impressive on the inside than it is on the outside. 

Not only does it "look the business," but this limo also has pretty impressive performance too. Capable of accomodating eight passengers, it can go from 0 to 60 mph (9 km/h) in less than 6 seconds. 

Reportedly built by a German company called StretchCars, it was built using galvanized steel sheets, and comes with many custom features inside including the de rigueur fully stocked bar. 

10. This limo could be a vision of the future

interesting limos KAZZ
Source: jemsweb/Wikimedia Commons

Designed and built by a team of students from Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, this limo is certainly an interesting modern example. All-electric, this limo was built in the early-2000s, and measures around 22 feet (6.7 meters) long. It has eight wheels and could accommodate 8 people. 

Entirely battery-powered, this limo, called the KAZZ (Keio Advanced Zero-emission Vehicle) also happens to be a record-breaker. In 2003, it managed to win the title of the world's fastest electro-powered limo. To be fair, the competition was probably pretty few and far between. 

11. This might be the grandfather of all modern limos

oldest limo
Source: carmodel

Dubbed the Alin and Liautard Limo, this venerable limousine might be the world's first. Widely cited as the first commercial stretched limo ever, it was built around 1910 in France. 

Officially called the Gregoire Triple Berline de Voyage, these vehicles also appear to have served as ambulances during the first world war. 

12. This limo is specially built for F1 fans

If you are a huge fan of Formula One, then this limo is definitely for you. Based on a GP car, this interesting limo is capable of seating 6 people in the back. 

Designed and built by Mike Pettipas, this amazing vehicle was the labor of love for over 15 years. This GP limo was built to help support children's charities. 

13. Yes, there is also a stretched Ferrari too

awesome limos ferrari
Source: Herts Limos

Since we've already included a stretched limo Porsche, it is only fair to also add a Ferrari example. This custom-made Ferrari 360 stretch limo is not only great to look at, but its unique stretched gull-wing doors are a very nice feature.

Available for hire in the UK, this limo, like the Porsche example, also has very impressive performance, given its size. It can fit seven passengers in the back.

If you want to go for a ride in yourself, it is currently available for proms, hen and stag nights, gala events, and more. 

14. Someone actually made a stretched limousine Batmobile

awesome limos batmobile
Source: K0EN1G5EGG/Reddit

Yes, you read that right. This is stretched limo Batmobile might be the coolest thing on wheels you have ever seen.

An ideal hire for any Batman fan, this amazing limo is based on the Tim Burton 1989 Batmobile. Built-in 2012, this limo costs somewhere in the region of $4.2 million and includes some awesome other gadgets.

15. There is even a tank limo

awesome limos tank
Source: tanks-alot

If you have a penchant for avant-garde limousines and happen to like tanks, then this might be the best thing you've ever seen in your life. Built from two former British Army FV432 APC's, these armored personal carriers were welded together to create one of the most unique limos in the world.

The limo-tank comes with a working two-man turret and the hull can accommodate ten passengers with ease. The sides of the tank were also cut through in places to install windows, and the interior is very "plush," according to its owners. 

And that is your lot for today. We do hope you've enjoyed this little showcase of some of the most exceptional limos of all time.