200 vehicles have been involved in a huge pileup in China

The massive accident took place during heavy fog.
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A multi-vehicle collision on Zhengxin Yellow River Bridge in Zhengzhou
A multi-vehicle collision on Zhengxin Yellow River Bridge in Zhengzhou

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According to official Chinese state media, CNN reports, a single individual was killed on Wednesday, the 28th of December 2022, in a major collision involving more than 200 automobiles in the city of Zhengzhou in central China.

According to state-owned The Global Times, the pileup occurred on a bridge obscured by thick morning fog, which led to many vehicles colliding.

"This is too scary. Full of people here, I don't think we can get off the bridge," one person can be heard saying in one video clip.

Images from the scene show the long, multi-lane bridge, which spans farms and the Yellow River, littered with crammed-together vehicles. Vehicles include cars, lorries, transport trucks, and other vehicles.

Videos shot from the ground show that there is still a lot of fog in the area. In one video, a vehicle slides ahead and collides with several smaller cars as sirens can be heard far away.

According to The Global Times, many drivers and passengers were confined to their vehicles. Personnel from the traffic and health departments were rushed to the area along with emergency response personnel and fire rescuers.

According to official media, the fire service dispatched 11 fire engines and 66 fire rescue personnel to assist several injured trapped in their vehicles.

One witness told The Global Times that the pileup covered many kilometers, and the road was incredibly slick due to dampness on the bridge.

According to Reuters, which cited the regional weather office, the morning's visibility was as low as 656 feet (200 meters) in some places. Police had warned vehicles not to cross the bridge due to the fog many hours after the pileup.

According to a post by the traffic police on its official Weibo account, China's equivalent of Twitter, "the temperature is low, and there is frequently heavy fog" in the winter. Drivers were urged to utilize their lights, slow down, and escape potentially dangerous situations as soon as possible.

The overpass links the cities of Zhengzhou and Xinxiang. Traffic resumed later that afternoon after the bridge had been closed by police for the duration of the rescue operation.

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