35 Car Mods so Facemeltingly Ugly They'll Burn Your Eyes

These car modifications are so terrible, they might make you cry.
Chris Young
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There are some incredible car modifications and designs out there. From battle car mods to incredible concept cars, aesthetics are a huge part of the appeal when it comes to owning or simply admiring a car.

That's why the people who modified these cars — nay, monstrosities — have a lot to answer for. Let us know if you can get through the list without wincing at least once.


1. This gift-wrap Mercedes Benz

Posted this on r/gifts and was recommended to post here. What do you guys think of this gift wrap paper Benz lol ( 7days of work ) from r/ATBGE

Ok, so this car was actually wrapped up as a gift — and that's quite impressive. But please tell us this person won't drive around in this thing as it is. Please?

2. Thomas the can't engine

Thomas the Fiat engine from r/ATBGE

We're pretty sure this Fiat Multipla modded to look like Thomas the Tank Engine is going to make an appearance in our car mod-themed nightmares.

3. The Grassmobile

Nothing, but grass. from r/ATBGE

From behind, it looks like someone might have modified this car to be camouflaged in grassy terrain. From the front, it looks like a dad lost a bet to their son.

4. A Pirate Carrrrr

Pirate Car from r/ATBGE

This pirate-themed car mod disaster is probably owned by someone who read Treasure Island a few too many times as a child.

5. Can they even see through the windshield?

Hot Wheels from r/ATBGE

As online commenter BustaCon pointed out, this Hot Wheels style monstrosity is a "shameful thing to do to that classic, but a real attention-getter."

6. This Pink Panthermobile didn't pass the audition

Fuzzy pink cat car from r/ATBGE

How does one clean a furry car? These are the kinds of questions the people who make these kinds of cars don't seem to ask.

7. This is a very bad advert for Sprite

Basketball Beetle from r/ATBGE

This basketball Volkswagen Beetle car mod looks like it was designed by someone who didn't know how to handle a classic design — maybe they could learn something from the designer of this VW Beetle motorbike.

8. The Fruit 500

Fruit 500 from r/ATBGE

This Fiat 500 adapted to sit in a supermarket's fruit stall is a waste of fruit and a waste of a car — it's also as painful to look at as a squeeze of lemon in the eye.

9. The Limorean

So I have these two Doloreans... from r/ATBGE

Looks closely at this image and you'll see there are actually three different versions of the Delorean, one of them a monster truck. The "Limorean" is here because time travel should be accessible to as many people as possible.

10. This is literally a mobile phone

Phone Car from r/ATBGE

As Reddit user, Furimus put it, "this time Elon Musk has gone too far." Another poster said, "as long as he's not calling while driving."

11. Half Ford half tank

The Ford Tank from r/ATBGE

If this hunk of junk actually works, we have to say it's quite impressive.

12. A VW Beetle that has a hoarding problem

Beetle with a self-aware license plate from r/ATBGE

While we're impressed with this car owner's dedication to sticking a load of paraphernalia to their car, we're also shocked and appalled that they would do such a thing.

13. This just hurts too much

Mustang with a spare wheel holder from r/ATBGE

What have they done to this poor Mustang! We much prefer this $380,000 modified classic Mustang EV.

14. This wolf car battle car

Turning your car into a dragon from r/ATBGE

Would you drive around in this? Maybe in a post-apocalyptic future landscape where it's important being top dog, we would.

15. Got any old trinkets you want to get rid of? 

Volvo Style from r/ATBGE

This car mod has a part of a bicycle, an old license plate, and what looks like a cornice attached to it, all for decoration — just let that sink in for a moment.

16. This Kermit the Frog-colored tank 

Apparently I have awful taste cause I would love to own this from r/ATBGE

All of the goodwill that the tank-style tracks give this vehicle is put to waste with the awful paint job and the fact that it has the least menacing body imaginable.

17. Ok, maybe this one's kind of cool

Jet limo from r/ATBGE

We've already seen the limo Delorian, how about a jet limo that can still take off? Thankfully, it can't actually take off, or the driver would have to constantly look out for bachelor partiers drunkenly opening the sunroof midflight.

18. We'd hope aliens had better taste than this

UFO Beetle from r/ATBGE

We've heard stories of UFO craft with hieroglyphic symbols on its body and recently seen declassified UFO videos released by the U.S. Navy. This UFO, sadly, could only have been built by a human.

19. A different type of VW bug

VW Spider from r/ATBGE

Another construction that's likely to appear in one of our fever dreams, this giant spider sculpture made with a VW Beetle can be found in Avoca, Iowa.

20. The Ferrari Frankenstein

Ferrari Crapzo from r/ATBGE

We're not actually sure what car this person started with. Is it a Lamborghini Countach, a Ferrari Enzo? If you had either of those cars, why would you want to do this to it?

21. Part car, part motorcycle, with the benefits of neither

Three Wheeler Fiero from r/ATBGE

This Pontiac Fiero converted to be part motorcycle reminds us of those toys in the first Toy Story that were creepily made out of parts that didn't fit together.

22. A Subaruwagen

Subaru Beetle GL4 from r/ATBGE

Reddit user Lajosyext describes this weird creation with the following words: "it's a Subaru GL4 front with a Volkswagen Beetle rear, has two Boxer engines, one rear and one front."

23. We swear this isn't photoshopped

The Land Rover Two Face from r/ATBGE

As can be seen on The Dunsfold Collection website: "This unusual vehicle with a split personality was prepared for the 1994 Motor Show at the NEC to illustrate the versatility of the Discovery, coinciding with the introduction of the 300 TDi engine."

24. This SpongeBob Squarepants monstrosity

Don't get us wrong, we love SpongeBob as much as the next guy, but this is just taking things way too far.

25. This car's had a few too many beverages 

One of those cars that leaves you wondering if it can actually hold up its frame, or if its exhaust will sputter out with exhaustion at the mere attempt of making a turn.

26. Another car in search of bounty

Anothaaaaar attempt at searching for gold with a terribly modified car. Is there some kind of pirate trend doing the round that we haven't heard of?

27. A life-sized toy car

Some people just never let go of their childhood. The owner of this fascinating example drives to work in this Freudian cocoon every day.

28. "Use the force, Luke"

Just in case you ever need to take a detour on your way home to take down the Death Star.

29. This winged chariot

What was once a beautiful BMW Z4 now looks like someone tried to make an angel-themed cake out of it.

30. A snow-shoveling Subaru?

Was it made to shovel snow? If it was it wouldn't do a great job. There's simply no other explanation we can think of though, for this abomination.

31. This car has tile but no style

Ever thought of modding a car with tiles as a tribute to the Alhambra in Spain, or to Turkish baths? Just look at this car and you'll realize straight away that that's a bad idea.

32. Probably the tackiest looking car in the universe

If aliens ever come to Earth they might take one look at this and then turn back after deciding we're not worthy of knowing the secrets of the universe.

33. This voluptuous automobile

This car is not safe for work, job interviews, visiting your partner's parents, etc. In other words, just don't drive this car anywhere.

34. Literally a coffin on wheels 

We've heard people who have a fear of driving calling cars coffins on wheels. Maybe this was devised as some kind of bizarro exposure therapy to get people over that fear?

35. A pimped out Popemobile

'Popemobiles' are the actual vehicles used to safely transport the Pope in a glass compartment through huge crowds of people. This modded vehicle is either in very poor taste or heavily representative depending on your point of view.

What do you think? Surely these are some of the worst car mods you've ever seen. Have you seen any ugly car mods that are worth a mention, or do you own any terribly modified cars? Surely it can't get any worse than this.

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