5 Benefits of Rapid Prototyping for Product Design

Rapid prototyping makes production processes more advanced, efficient, and effortless.
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Created: 9/9/2019

In the last decades, the manufacturing sector has been facing a significant transformation. New production methods such as rapid prototyping, 3D printing, CNC machining entered the market and paved a new era for improved manufacturing. 

Companies are continually looking for ways to make manufacturing processes more efficient, sustainable, and digitized. Therefore, the sector is implementing more enhanced machines and production techniques.

5 Benefits of Rapid Prototyping for Product Design
Rapid Prototyping. Source: 3ERP

For instance, 3D printing alone is predicted to reach 26.7 billion USD by the end of 2019. Advanced manufacturing technologies are thriving and changing the industry for the best. If you’re an owner of automotive, automation, robotics, equipment, aerospace, or similar business, you should recognize the potential of digitized manufacturing for your product design and thereby the company.


Rapid prototyping and its role in manufacturing

Prototyping and modeling are essential elements of exquisite product design. However, many years, manufacturing companies have been reducing prototyping due to expensive materials and lengthy processes. Now, with fast modeling, every production business can afford to refine designs and bring manufacturing to the next level of excellence.

The good news is you don’t need to purchase machines yourself, you can easily find a professional service provider to help with product design. 3ERP is a great rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing service example that leads companies to digitized production solutions. Their team works with projects from scratch. 3ERP experts assist in developing the concept, picking the right tools and materials, and executing projects further. 

The company specializing in:

5 Benefits of Rapid Prototyping for Product Design
3ERP Team. Source: 3ERP

Advanced practices have numerous benefits for product design and manufacturing companies. We listed five reasons why a business should consider rapid prototyping for product design and how it can help excel in the industry.

1. Better grip on how the product should look like 

Although modeling software choices are broad and highly advanced, a product designer couldn’t have a comprehensive look at the design without physical representation. Prototyping solves this interference by enabling designers to make alike models of real projects. It’s easier to spot flaws and address them before an actual project comes to life.

2. Instant adjustments

Fast modeling eliminates production time and costs, which allows making multiple changes during the execution process. Due to quicker and cheaper adjustments, designers can produce physical representations of a product in different manufacturing stages and apply changes. It also benefits end-consumers as they can add their input on a project and help to adapt it for the audience. 

3. Cost-effective

CNC machines and 3D printers can utilize different materials to make a physical model. Advanced tools can use more affordable materials like plastic. It also doesn’t require a lot of energy and other resources to carry out an operation. Additionally, CNC machining and 3D printing are based on the CAD model, which performs in high levels of precision, thereby avoiding mistakes and wasted resources.

4. Fast

Rapid prototyping is rapid for a reason. Within a few minutes, you can get a physical model of your product design and adjust changes. That saves tons of time that can be used for mastering the project. Additionally, easy implementation enables designers with no mechanical experience to participate in the production process.

5. Fewer errors

Modern manufacturing models often perform based on software without much manual work involved. Automated processes help reduce human errors and excel in product design. Machines perform precisely, working solely on a CAD model.

Rapid prototyping, advanced manufacturing machines, and techniques allow mastering product design. If your company is looking for ways to modernize its services and production processes, consider implementing automated manufacturing. If you want to find more information about fast modeling, low-volume manufacturing, and 3D printing, visit 3ERP - the leading solution in the production industry.

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