7 Eye-Catching Photoshop Redesigns of Tesla's Cybertruck

Tesla's Cybertruck was designed to get people talking, and it's worked.
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Tesla's Cybertruck looks like it was designed for the memes. The electric vehicle company's pickup has drawn comparisons to everything from cars in sci-fi movies to sardine tins.

It's looking like a PR masterstroke from the people over at Tesla, who clearly knew their unconventional design would cause a stir. Needless to say, photoshop artists are having a field day with the jagged design.

Here is a selection of designs made by some very talented people on the internet who couldn't help giving the Cybertruck their own personal touch.


1. The cyber Knight Rider

Plenty of pop culture references and comparisons have been made relating to Tesla's Cybertruck. Elon Musk even said himself in a tweet that the design is partly based on the Lotus Esprit submarine car in James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me.

This photoshop redesign highlights the potential for pop culture comparison by giving the Cybertruck a Knight Rider look.

7 Eye-Catching Photoshop Redesigns of Tesla's Cybertruck
Source: u/MakeMeLaughOnTuesday/Reddit

Tesla's Cybertruck has a lot of features: it has a bed, a solar panel option, and shatter-proof windows... supposedly.

Unfortunately, it can't quite yet hold a conversation with you, like the 80s TV show car Knight Rider.

2. The Cybertruck found its true home

Shortly after the Cybertruck's unveiling, Elon Musk tweeted that there were 146k orders for the pickup. Many people will soon find a place for the vehicles in their homes.

Arguably though, nowhere is the electric pickup more at home than in the videogame world of Minecraft.

ooh lala big sexy time in house from r/TeslaPorn

Minecraft is a game with famously block-like graphics. It allows gamers to build worlds where jagged edges abound. So seamlessly does Tesla's Cybertruck fit into this world, that it makes us wonder if the engineers used Minecraft to design the car in the first place.

3. Iron Man Tesla design

Elon Musk has often been referred to as the real-life Tony Stark. Perhaps that's what digital vehicle artist Jon Sibal had in mind when coming up with this design, which he likens to the Mk1 Iron Man suit.

As Jon Sibal explains, the redesign keeps the "original planar, origami-like design," but is "just a bit fatter."

As many point out in the comments, this looks more like a typical pickup truck than the actual Cybertruck, while still retaining the cool cyberpunk aesthetic.

4. A desi design

On India's many congested roads, the words "Horn Ok Please," are sometimes painted onto the side of vehicles to remind drivers to honk their horn if they want to overtake.

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Desi Cybertruck! Would you buy one? ? ?????? @DESIJOINT ??? ????.⠀

Una publicación compartida de Desi Joint (@desijoint) el

Laws have even been passed about the phrase. On April 30, 2015, the Government of Maharashtra banned the use of "Horn OK Please" on the vehicles. The government argued that the message encouraged drivers to honk their horns unnecessarily, contributing to sound pollution.

Either way, this design by @Desijoint gives the Cybertruck an interesting Indian spin.

5. The cyber series?

Though the Cybertruck has only just been released, some people are already speculating whether it might be part of a series.

Reddit user MarksmanRifle, brought this idea to life with a rendering for an idea for the "Cyber S."

7 Eye-Catching Photoshop Redesigns of Tesla's Cybertruck
Source: u/MarksmanRifle/Reddit

By lowering the bumpers closer to the ground, this version of the Cybertruck has more of a sportscar feel. Maybe a cyber version of the Tesla Roadster could be on the cards?

6. Tron-style Tesla

We can't really think of a better combination than Tron and Tesla when it comes to redesigning the Cybertruck's ad campaign.

While Tesla's actual campaign has a grittier cyberpunk feel that makes us picture using the pickups in a Mad Max-style apocalyptic future, Tron's neon grid block aesthetics just fit so well with the Cybertruck's straight-line design.

7 Eye-Catching Photoshop Redesigns of Tesla's Cybertruck
Source: David Sternberg/Twitter

Designed by the engineer, designer, author, and inventor David Sternberg, we could imagine a poster like this actually having been released by Tesla as a tease prior to the Cybertruck's launch. Elon Musk, hire him up.

7. A Cybertruck SUV

As Reddit user, AEfeSenel put it, "I present you: the Cyber SUV." The designer behind this concept cited "how the Cybertruck is so easy to photoshop."

7 Eye-Catching Photoshop Redesigns of Tesla's Cybertruck
Source: u/AEfeSenel/Reddit

Some users were angered, however, by one detail that isn't in keeping with the Tesla pickup's original design.

One poster said: "looks good, but something just throws me off about your design. OOH, I figured it out! its that DAMN curve on the back of the window."

That one detail, strangely, might prevent the design from being ridiculously jagged enough to seem real. Otherwise, it could form a part of the wished-for Cyber series.

Tesla's Cybertruck has taken the internet by storm. It's all part of the plan for Elon Musk, famous internet troll, as he gradually takes over the world, one meme at a time.

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