Futuristic 'sky car' SkyTran is undergoing testing in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv may soon see a network of sky cars by the name of SkyTran as early as 2016. If the sky high cars are found to be successful after initial trials, we could see the prototype become the base for a much bigger commercial transit system.


[Image Source: Skytran]

Israel Aerospace Industries have worked with SkyTran, the California based company, to work on the hovercraft rail which is a 500 meter loop. It has been said that the sky cars will be built initially on the IAI campus in Tel Aviv before seeing full wide scale use.


[Image Source: Skytran]

The SkyTran system would have two seated hover cars that could be controlled by computer and which would glide along rail tracks that are suspended and use technology that is called magnetic levitation or maglev for short. The whole system has been specifically designed to take passengers and transport them a greener way and in a more economical manner. It is thought that perhaps one day the system is going to put an end to congestion on the roads in cities all over the world.


[Image Source: Skytran]

If the system is passed and is put into place people could use their smartphone to order the vehicles through their phone. Jerry Saunders from SkyTran said that the project in Tel Aviv is a breakthrough. The SkyTran cars would travel at a speed of around 43 miles per hour, however it has been said that they could travel much quicker than this.


[Image Source: Skytran]

Once the SkyTran has the go-ahead, it has been estimated that the first of the commercial systems should be completed within a period of two years following the start of construction. This has been estimated to be around the fourth quarter of 2016, depending on approval by the government. The cost has been projected to be in the region of around $80 million.


[Image Source: Skytran]

The system is going to be Phase One of a system that will be much larger and which will spread out over a 125 mile urban and suburban network. This network will comprise of Gush Dan, the urban and suburban area of Central Israel. At first, the system will attract tourists and of course it is hoped that workers and students will take the rail ride as opposed to their own cars. Tickets will be priced at around $5, while there are plans for discounts, subscriptions and charges by the kilometre.


[Image Source: Skytran]

If the system is a success then there are plans, which are in advanced stages, for SkyTran routes in Toulouse France, Kerala India and San Francisco Bay Area in California.


[Image Source: Skytran]


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