A Luxury Gold-Plated Black Tesla Model S Is Now Available

For those who have everything, they can now add a gold-rimmed Tesla to their garages.
Fabienne Lang
Caviar's TeslaCaviar

If you're on the market for a Tesla Model S with a bit of "zhuzh" — aka: bling — you're in luck. The iconic electric vehicle (EV) is being glossed up in all black with dazzling gold parts that are bright enough to blind you. 

You can thank the company called Caviar for this outrageous creation. Caviar is used to turning regular devices and items of clothing like smartphones, PlayStation 5s, sneakers, and more into high-end luxury items. Now, they're turning their sights on Tesla's Model S. 

The Caviar Model Excellence 24K, as the gold-plated Tesla will be called, will certainly turn heads. Caviar describes its concept EV as "a respectable high-quality oil-colored body and a dazzling glow of gold." How could you not be intrigued? 

The gold-colored sections of the Caviar Tesla will include the radiator grille, side skirts, discs, rear-view mirrors, and elements of the rear and front bumpers. You'll also find sections of the EV's interior plated in shimmering gold. These will all be plated in 999 gold (24K gold) via a double electroplated technique, explains the company. 

A Luxury Gold-Plated Black Tesla Model S Is Now Available
The front of the gold-plated Tesla. Source: Caviar

If all of this grabs your attention, you'll have to hurry to put your order in as Caviar is only going to create 99 gold-plated Teslas. InsideEVs found out one of these sparkling numbers will cost you $299,999. That's a touch higher than Tesla's Model S to say the least, which goes for $72,990, and even its Model S Plaid is only $112,990 in comparison.

A Luxury Gold-Plated Black Tesla Model S Is Now Available
The back and side of the Caviar Tesla. Source: Caviar

But heck, if you have a shining, shimmering black and gold EV to your name, what's a few extra bucks? If that's your cup of tea, that is. As Caviar enthusiastically describes its concept car: "It is the quintessence of sophistication, luxury and self-confidence." 

A Luxury Gold-Plated Black Tesla Model S Is Now Available
The back of the black and gold Tesla. Source: Caviar

We'll have to take your word for it, Caviar. The Caviar Model Excellence 24K certainly grabs your attention, and if you're keen on a fancy Tesla, then maybe this is right up your alley.


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