AI Day 2022: Tesla may unveil a major milestone for its Optimus robot

We wonder what Tesla is going to reveal.
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Once again, it is that time of the year. The annual Tesla AI Day, a demonstration of the most cutting-edge technologies from all of the company's operating divisions is tomorrow. While Tesla vehicles receive the majority of press attention, the company has a wide range of other applications and products that it is constantly developing and improving.

Tesla's AI is growing in popularity over time and has a livestream that millions of people view.

Investors and potential investors watch to learn about the new methods Tesla is attempting to make money. The tech-obsessed people keep an eye on Tesla to see how far the company will go to introduce novel and exciting advancements.

Some people watch because they know Elon Musk's penchant for spectacle.

Whatever the motivation, on September 30, 2022, we can anticipate some shocks and introduce fresh concepts.

We expect four announcements about what Tesla works on; below are our expectations from Tesla AI Day 2022.


We'll keep an eye out to see if the breakthrough is revealed to us. At the previous year's AI Day, the project was first introduced. It arrived with some fanfare, as is expected for Elon Musk, and received extensive international press coverage.

While the human-shaped figure's dancing and shining outfit created the impression of significant advancement in robotics, it soon became evident that the figure was actually a man wearing a robot suit.

Musk continued, "However, the idea was to construct a humanoid robot capable of performing many of the mundane, repetitive or risky jobs of daily life, such as grabbing groceries from the shelves or carrying out routine maintenance in hazardous areas."

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Two robot hands creating the influencers' calling card, a heart, in the graphic accompanying the news on Twitter also suggests a day where Optimus is the star.

Dojo Chip

Additionally, we anticipate learning some new details on Tesla's own microchip, Dojo. This supercomputer will be powered by future generations of Tesla devices, first introduced at the event last year.

It is centered on "pure machine learning" and was created from the ground up by Tesla. It has been specifically created to power the upcoming wave of AI-based technologies; hence it is not retro-compatible with already available goods.

More details regarding the real-world usage of the new chip and the new processing power and machine learning specialty could be expected.


The Robotaxi is another announcement that appears to be years ahead. Musk has predicted that this technology, which is still in its early stages, will combine "Uber and AirBnb."

The concept is that owners will have the choice to release their vehicles during downtime until Tesla can finally develop completely autonomous vehicles and the tremendously high regulatory hurdles can be overcome.

Owners might send their car out on the road to provide taxi services rather than leaving it parked overnight on the street or in a garage, collecting passive money while sleeping.

Fully Self Driving (FSD) Beta

The most recent developments in the contentious completely autonomous driving technology may be presented alongside an update on Robotaxi.

Musk first said he anticipated having 1 million Robotaxis by the end of the year but has since toned these remarks down to indicate that he now anticipates having 1 million vehicles in Fully Self Driving (FSD) Beta by that time.

In any case, completely autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality, and AI Day should provide developments in this area.

How to follow Tesla AI Day

Last year’s event was streamed live from the Tesla website as well as Tesla’s official YouTube channel.

The time of the livestream hasn’t been announced but is expected to commence at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET as it did last year.

If you want to refresh your memory on the Tesla AI Day of last year, you can rewatch the event from Tesla’s YouTube channel.

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