AI-designed Apple Car concept shows how it could stand out from Tesla

The artificial artist Dall-E 2 has now designed the Apple Car.
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Apple Car

A hypothetical "AI-generated Apple Car" ingeniously made use of artificial intelligence technology was created by Dall-E 2 in response to a text request by San Francisco-based industrial designer John Mauriello.

Mauriello focuses on advancing his one-of-a-kind craft by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. He typed that he wanted a minimalist sports automobile inspired by a MacBook and a Magic Mouse created out of metal and glass on DALL-E 2, an artificial intelligence system that can create realistic visuals and art from a description. Additionally, he gave the AI instructions to style the design using Jony Ive's methods, the former head of design at Apple.

AI-designed Apple Car concept shows how it could stand out from Tesla
Apple Car front

Before the AI system revealed a sports car concept with a minimalistic design from Mauriello's brief, it had first identified the critical keywords for the Apple Car: MacBook, Magic Mouse, Jony Ive, and aluminum. According to the industrial designer, the method generates comparable outcomes for the Apple Car. The system generates a sense of original design by being provided with each product. The technique appears to have produced Mauriello's anticipated aesthetics, from the white, windowless structure to the aluminum-clad sports car.

“I told the AI to design a minimalistic sports car inspired by a MacBook and a Magic Mouse built out of aluminum and glass while also specifying it to create something in the style of Apple’s former design head, Jony Ive,” says Mauriello.

This stunning futuristic car has a smooth machined aluminum body with no surface flaws that is the epitome of curvilinear perfection.

The surfaces of the AI-generated Apple Car were skillfully enhanced by the AI using dramatic chiaroscuro-style lighting.

Mauriello even designed a setting to reveal the automobile. He supplied the AI system with the term "moody lighting" after the initial set of photographs to see if that would give the design a background tinged with tension and mystery.

The end product gives off the impression of entering a dark warehouse or even a car exhibition meant to evoke a calm atmosphere. The spotlight highlights the Apple Car's futuristic lines, boundaries, features, and tires.

The Apple Car design has no interior images, but they might be coming soon, given how quickly AI is developing across many industries.

And, of course, we should remind you that Apple is still keeping silent about its long-rumored vehicle.

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