Meet Aircore Mobility: The next-gen axial flux propulsion and traction motor

“The Aircore Mobility motor offers a new avenue.”
Can Emir
Infinitum's Aircore Mobility motor
Infinitum's Aircore Mobility motor


Infinitum revealed its award-winning, next-generation axial flux propulsion and traction motor, Aircore Mobility.

Aircore Mobility motor maximizes vehicle range, whether on land, in the air, or on the water, by delivering high power and torque density and operating with class-leading efficiency over a wide range of speeds and load circumstances.

The typical motor's heavy, copper-wound iron stator is replaced by a lighter, printed circuit board (PCB) stator in the Aircore Mobility motor, which is ten times more dependable. It utilizes 66 percent less copper, is 50 percent smaller and lighter and is 10 percent more efficient than conventional motors. Mechanical losses are decreased, efficiency is increased, and noise and vibration are greatly reduced by swapping out the iron core for a PCB stator. The Aircore Mobility motor will be generally accessible in Q2 2023 and is protected by 44 pending patents and 32 issued patents.

Utilizing a liquid cooling technology that allows the coolant to be in direct contact with the stator, the Aircore Mobility motor may reach up to 4-5 times the current density of a standard, liquid-cooled motor. This provides for great overload capability and prolonged life.

Speed and high-efficiency levels

“Our aircore motor topology eliminates core losses and delivers a broader range of speeds and load conditions where the motor can operate at high-efficiency levels,” said Paulo Guedes-Pinto, vice president of technology for Infinitum. “The Aircore Mobility motor offers a new avenue in extending range for Class 1-8 vehicles, aerospace, marine, construction and agricultural machines.”

The Aircore Mobility motor from Infinitum is made with a sustainable, circular lifecycle in mind. The housing, rotors, and stators of the motor may be reused several times thanks to its modular design, which also makes it possible for parts to have a second and third life to benefit future generations. The motor may also be produced practically anyplace locally without the need for sophisticated assembling equipment, and because of its reduced size, more products can be shipped in an equivalent amount of area, significantly reducing emissions from transportation. ​

“Infinitum’s motor design using printed circuit board stators offers promising performance and efficiency benefits for mobility applications due to superior heat mitigation and high power density,” said Sam Abuelsamid, principal analyst of Guidehouse Insights. “With supply chain challenges, the motor’s materials, rapid assembly, and scalable production should also be attractive to automotive OEMs seeking dramatically simpler manufacturing going forward.”

“Transitioning to a zero emissions future requires the electric vehicle industry to reduce waste and leverage circular design,” said Anuj Monga, Research Director, Mobility at Frost & Sullivan. “Aircore Mobility’s modular design and reusable components allow for easier remanufacturing and serviceability, extending motor and vehicle life.”

We are excited about Aircore mobility and can’t wait until the third quarter of 2023.

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