Australia's first all-electric 4WD camper truck offers sustainable adventures

Transitioning utility vehicles will help further the mission to achieve net zero targets.
Jijo Malayil
A prototype of RedSands and Roev's EV camper
A prototype of RedSands and Roev's EV camper


The indestructible Toyota Hilux for long has remained the synonym for a vehicle with go-anywhere-abilities. Now, the evergreen offering from the Japanese manufacturer is set to get an all-electric camper version, thanks to an association with Australian firms RedSands Campers and EV conversion company Roev. 

For hardcore adventure enthusiasts, an electric camper with off-roading abilities will set a benchmark for nature-based 4WD camping. The iteration promises reduced running costs, zero emissions, and a quieter and smoother touring experience for its users. According to RedSands, the transition helps as 80 percent of its clients are from Europe, "where EVs are more mainstream, and Governments are more dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation," said a blog post from the company. 

Perth-based RedSands provides camping vehicles on rent for inbound tourists in Australia. The company will "supply data and specifications of the RedSands fleet, enabling Roev to customize a fit-for-purpose electrification solution."

On a mission to create an impact

Briabane-based firm Roev, which specializes in EV conversion kits, is on a mission to make an impact in the automotive space. Australia has seen fewer EVs in the market compared to other advanced nations, with less than four percent of new cars being all-electric compared to nine percent globally, primarily bogged down by the requirement for extended range.

According to the firm, converting utility vehicles is a highly sustainable way to transition fleets to electric. "Not only does your fleet replace an existing diesel vehicle with an electric one, but you also prevent a diesel vehicle from entering the second-hand market," said the firm in a blog post. 

The current kits made available by Roev are for Toyota Hilux and the Ford Ranger, the two most popular utility vehicle offerings in Australia. The firm offers two variants: a 64-kWh battery pack offering up to 149 miles (240 km) of range and a 96-kWh option with up to 223 miles (360 km). The system contains an in-built 11-kW AC charging infrastructure, and DC fast-charging to 80-kW is also supported. Regenerative braking ensures that the batteries are topped up while the vehicle is decelerating, and the vehicle also provides 20 amp outlets for plug-in tools and other equipment. The prices for the conversion kit for the vehicles start from AUD 48,000 ($32,186). 

A versatile option for camping 

Even though RedSands has not released the official specifications of the electric 4WD camper based on the Hilux, the company offers two iterations in this rental lineup based on ICE models. The two-person model offers a hardshell, dustproof rooftop tent for a couple, while the five-person model features two, one on the cab and one on the canopy. A gull-winged opening provides access to most of the equipment, like a dual-battery electrical system and a kitchen with a portable two-burner stove towards the vehicle's passenger side. The package includes an 80-liter water tank and a 40-liter fridge. 

The first RedSands electrified 4WD camper is expected to be available for customers for hire from July 2024.

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