Alva Yachts unveils Ocean ECO 90 H2: its first fuelless superyacht with wings

The 90-foot solar electric superyacht will be boosted by hydrogen and wing sails.
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Alva Yachts Ocean ECO 90
Alva Yachts Ocean ECO 90

Alva Yachts 

German luxury electric solar catamaran and sailboat builder, Alva Yachts, has announced that it is developing the world's first fuel-free 90-ft superyacht catamaran with wings, the Alva Ocean Eco 90 H2. 

The vessel is expected to be delivered next year, and it will rely on purely sustainable sources of energy. The Ocean Eco 90 H2 is a full-electric catamaran powered by twin performance electric motors, connected to a 500+ kWh battery pack powered by 200 square meters of solar paneling. 

It will also be equipped with Ayro's Oceanwings wind propulsion system, with wind sensors on the wing sails, which will analyze the data, and the motors will adjust the wing sail angle of attack and camber. In addition, the Ocean Eco 90 H2 will feature an optional hydrogen fuel cell supplied by EODev and integrated by SECO Marine.

The project was commissioned by adventure-seeking clients who were attracted to the design language of Alva Yachts. The vessel has been designed with responsible yachting at its core and fuses form and function together. The open-concept vessel features an open flybridge and helm station, a sky lounge, a cocktail bar, and a jacuzzi on the top deck.

It's offering several features

It also offers a large beach club, water sports, and entertainment areas, coupled with spacious above-deck living and relaxing zones. From bow to stern, the 14m-beamed catamaran offers plenty of space, modern style, and stable sailing. Access to the water is easy from twin bathing platforms.

The owner of the Ocean Eco 90 H2 has plans to use the vessel for private and corporate events, as well as chartering. The owner states that his aim is to highlight to the public that they can sail safely, and sustainably, with an environmentally fully clean system, and with a high level of comfort. Holger Henn, CEO of Alva Yachts, is excited about the project and is grateful to their classification partner DNV, who established new ground rules, and their engineering partner iYacht, who surpassed their expectations when faced with such advanced engineering challenges.

Henn believes that a superyacht that can operate without fossil fuel is something they could only dream of, but with the help of strong partners and a lot of effort from the Alva team, they want to show what is possible in boat building today.

Unalome Design is in charge of the interior design concept and material selection of the Ocean Eco 90 H2. Alva Yachts Med, based in the Balearics, is the supporting dealer for Alva Yachts.

The Alva Ocean Eco 90 H2 has garnered significant attention from the yachting industry and is poised to set a new standard for environmentally friendly yachting. The vessel offers luxurious amenities, stable sailing, and a sustainable means of travel, marking a significant milestone in the yachting industry's ongoing efforts to become more environmentally responsible.

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