Amazon Promises 10,000 Electric Rickshaws to Its India Delivery Fleet by 2025

A successful pilot has already been underway in a number of cities across India.
Fabienne Lang
Jeff Bezos and Amazon's rickshaw EVsAmazon

If you visit India in 2025, you'll most likely see a number of all-electric rickshaws zooming around the streets with Amazon's logo emblazoned upon them. 

Amazon India has pledged to add 10,000 electric vehicles, in the shape of rickshaws, to its delivery fleet by 2025. 

Following a successful pilot in a number of Indian cities, the company's CEO, Jeff Bezos has been tweeting about his trip to India, sharing a video of himself at the wheel of one of these electric rickshaws. 


Four-wheeled and three-wheeled electric rickshaws

Amazon's promised electric rickshaws will start rolling out in a number of Indian cities this year, starting with Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur, and Coimbatore. The EVs will come as both 4-wheeled vehicles and 3-wheeled ones

This statement comes after the e-commerce giant's vision of "Shipment Zero" — a project that will make all of Amazon's shipments net zero carbon — was disclosed. This is the company's part in trying to combat climate change. 

There are no current specs of the rickshaws, but the company stated that it's "working with several Indian OEMs to build a fleet of vehicles that ensure sustainable and safe deliveries of customer orders."

India's FAME, Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of hybrid and Electric Vehicles, policy states that vehicle makers have to ensure that 50% of the ex-factory price of the vehicle must show made-in-India parts in order to receive subsidy. 

The India Economic Times wrote that the country's effort is to "encourage component makers to localize, electric powertrains will attract an import duty of 15% in a year’s time. Import duty of batteries will be raised to 15% in two years from the current 5%."

This is a step in the right direction, and it's an exciting project, however, some climate questions have arisen on Jeff Bezos' tweet of the EVs rollout. Many concerned citizens of the world are wondering how these EVs will be powered, given most electricity is still powered by coal. 

Here are some of the tweets, that have yet to receive a response from Bezos or his Amazon team: 

Some are sharing some staggering statistics: 

More statistics:

Some just aren't buying into the promise: 

Others are concerned about the added traffic to Indian roads: 



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