The designer of a bold Apple Car concept likens it to a "cocoon"

"It has a total 'Applelistic' approach. I designed the vehicle with the user at the center."
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For several years now, there's been discussion about Apple's work on autonomous car technology. And for just as long as there has been speculation about Apple developing autonomous vehicle technology, there have been unofficial designs.  (See the Vanarama.)

The latest Apple Car concept has arrived, and it's safe to say its design will top the Cybertruck when it comes to dividing opinion.

Apple autonomous on a bridge.
Designer Devanga Borah imagined his own "Apple Car."

Designer Devanga Borah explained his design choices in a recent interview with IE, noting the design choices have as much to do with function as they do form.

"I wanted to do something very radical yet offer very simple transportation solution to the ever-rising traffic," Borah says. "My main purpose while designing this vehicle was to create an Apple experience that a user never has with other types of cars, simple hassle-free, and fun to drive. But it solves many problems of modern-day transportation."

Apple Car on the road
Borah's design consists of two main components: its platform with four wheels, and a cockpit with two seats.

Borah says "the pod was designed based on a shape like a cocoon, like an eggshell; it gives you a vibe of security inside. In the interior the wall is semi-transparent and you can watch outside from inside — but not the other way round.

"From the outside it is secure; from the inside it is full of exploration. It has a total 'Applelistic' approach. I designed the vehicle with the user at the center."

Apple Car
Tuck into your eggshell for a chilled-out commute.

The biggest difference between the vehicle and the classically designed cars seems to be the two-seater pod that's capable of 360-degree rotation. It may seem strange at first glance, but in certain scenarios, this design has the potential of providing convenience, Borah says.

"Imagine, you are on a busy road and suddenly you remembered your partner needs to get out, but if he or she is sitting in the left-hand side of the vehicle. In a conventional car, you might need to place the car inside or might tell your partner to jump over you to get off, you can’t take risks of opening the left-hand side door in busy traffic."

"The movable pod ensures your safety as well as your comfort, welcome to cocoon," Borah says.

Just a rendering, for now.

Sketches of the Apple Car concept

"This design is just an imagination, a concept," Borah concedes. "This is my imagined Apple car. I definitely would love to see it in real life, interacting with users, seeing people's happy faces when they ride in it. Most importantly, they would be having fun, moving around, rather than being tense and stressful."

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