Apple Car is rumored to feature its own operating system like Tesla

The goal is mass production by 2025.
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As one of the longest-running rumors in technology, but not confirmed by the company, Apple Car is an electric vehicle on which Apple is precisely working.

The Apple Car is said to be equipped with a custom-made carOS similar to the one used by Tesla, a centrally integrated operating system, according to the latest report by Digitimes. The prediction is that Apple is developing a software platform that can control every aspect of a car's function. 

Tesla runs a custom version of Linux powered by an Intel Atom Processor. The central control unit handles navigation, entertainment, cameras, and more. Given that the Apple Car is expected to rival Tesla, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Apple adopts a similar type of operating system-controlled experience.

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This operating system will work to enhance the navigation features, entertainment and informative features, and also the sensors that help with data processing. The company currently offers CarPlay software to various vehicles, it is limited to navigation and media playing capabilities.

According to the report by Digitimes, their carOS will be powered by none other than the powerhouse M1 SoC (System on Chip). The neural processing unit will help analyze road conditions along with driver input.

According to the supply chain sources, Apple is planning to develop a Domain Control Unit (DCU) with the help of a Korea-based company. The DCU should also house the self-driving sensor of the rumored Apple Car.

It is safe to assume that the software platform would also use a large, central dashboard screen like current Tesla cars. Tesla cars sport a company-owned software, which fills up the dashboards on its vehicles with screens.

Dashboards on Tesla’s electric vehicles are dominated by the display and they don't offer anything in the way of physical buttons or dials but it comes as the functions of the vehicle are accessible through its several displays, which is possible thanks to Tesla's software platform.

But then again, Apple has not confirmed any of these rumors.

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