The ARGO Sasquatch truck offers unmatched amphibious off-road prowess

The Canadian firm has also partnered with a premier cab fabrication company to enhance its cockpit experience.
Jijo Malayil
ARGO Sasquatch pickup
ARGO Sasquatch pickup


A hardcore all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that is also amphibious is what sets the Sasquatch truck apart from the others on the market. The high-riding amphibious swamp machine from the Canadian ATV maker ARGO also promises to match comfort with its capabilities. 

Helping its amphibious nature are ARGO XT328 71” tires which give it a mini-monster truck appearance. According to the firm, these patent-pending tires have been subjected to several difficult terrain testing in order to swim, climb, and perform like no other amphibious offroad vehicle tire. "With a unique cupped-to flat-tread pattern, the ARGO XT328 tires provide superior water propulsion, excellent grip for side-hilling, and extreme traction for overcoming earth’s treacherous terrain," said a blog post by ARGO. 

The Sasquatch can go up to 25 mph (40 km/h) on land and 4 mph (6 km/h) in water. Its height is 9.4 feet (3 meters), and a ground clearance of 26 inches (660 mm), allowing the ATV to climb and descend slopes up to 35 degrees and cross sidehills up to 30 degrees.

A capable drivetrain makes it versatile

A three-cylinder Doosan 1.8 L high-output turbo diesel engine, combined with the ARGO Instant Torque Drive System (ITDS) and Instant Torque Clutch (ITC), provides exceptional power and performance. According to the firm, using its HDT e-Steer Automatic Transmission and enclosed final drive gearcase, the system ensures smooth and efficient operation in various conditions. This patented transmission was specifically designed for the vehicle by its parent company, ODG. 

On the other hand, the ARGO ITDS dramatically "improves low-end torque while providing the optimal gear ratio, automatically shifting seamlessly through the full range utilizing the massive torque and power of the engine." The impressive power-to-weight ratio also makes driving the Sasquatch an engaging experience. 

The power-assisted steering wheel enhances maneuverability and control. And the wide range of operating temperatures ensures reliable performance in diverse environments. 

A comfortable cabin experience

On the comfort and practicality front, the ARGO has partnered with the cab fabrication company, Custom Products, to enhance the in-cabin experience with the Sasquatch. 

The fully integrated climate control system ensures a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the weather conditions. With seating for four passengers and equipped with three-point safety belts, the vehicle prioritizes safety. The front and side doors are certified with a three-point contact safety certification, providing additional protection. In case of emergencies, a transparent emergency roof hatch is available for quick and easy exit. Passengers can also listen to quality tunes with Bluetooth radio and overhead speakers. It also boasts high/low LED headlights and daytime LED running lights to ensure optimal visibility. The full interior LED lighting adds a touch of ambiance to the overall experience. 

Furthering the convenience factor for occupants, a 12” color touchscreen is made available with integrated features to "provide real-time vehicle performance information while the ARGO Terrain Control System (TCS) provides one-touch preset buttons to match the terrain anywhere on the planet."