Footage released showing arsonists attacking a grounded Russian Su-24

Footage is doing the rounds on social media that show 'Freedom of Russia Legion' arsonists infiltrating an airbase and setting fire to a Russian Su-24 "Fencer" bomber.
Christopher McFadden
According to social media, an Su-24 has been attacked in Russia by arsonists.


Videos circulating on social media show a group of arsonists intentionally setting fire to Russian Su-24 supersonic bombers. The videos in question on Twitter show grainy footage of several individuals sneaking onto a poorly guarded airbase and lighting fires next to the parked bombers.

According to various reports on the footage, the incident occurred at the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association Plant, located in Siberia, 1,800 miles (2,897 km) away from Ukraine. The date of the footage also indicates that the event took place before the Victory Day holiday in Russia. This factory also produces the Su-24's successor, the Su-34 "Fullback" bomber.

The video was allegedly posted by the "Freedom of Russia Legion" which, by all accounts, is a unit in Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Force consisting of Russian volunteers and defectors who oppose Putin’s regime. In the video, the group referred to the saboteurs as "unknown partisans" and "guerrillas."

Reports indicate that the "Freedom of Russia Legion" has been involved in other acts of arson and sabotage in Russia too. It is also believed that the Legion has sent troops to support Ukraine's military in the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Despite this, several people have been arrested and imprisoned by Russian authorities over allegations of attempting to join the Legion.

Also, according to the post, the Su-24 "Fencer" bomber was likely undergoing upgrades and refurbishing for potential combat use. The video also briefly shows two other bombers, supposedly Su-34s, parked next to the Su-24. The social media post claims the Su-24 was "successfully burned down." However, this is not obvious from the footage posted.

According to the Baza news account on Telegram, a local police officer responded to the video showing saboteurs near a Su-24 aircraft. The officer discovered the plane, which had been "mothballed," and found evidence of flammable liquid burning on the chassis. According to the officer, the saboteurs likely cut through a chain link fence and were caught on security cameras. It is suspected that this particular Su-24 may have been one of a few downgraded export models parked at the factory for over ten years, waiting for a buyer.

The recent burning of the Su-24 is part of a series of incidents involving aircraft sabotage within Russian territory. For example, on November 1, 2022, three advanced attack helicopters, including two Ka-52 Hokums and a Mi-28 Havoc, were destroyed at Veretye Airbase in the Pskov Region 400 miles (644 km) away from Ukraine.

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