Audi's E-Tron and Jaguar's I-PACE Suffer Major Setback Due to Recalls

Both Audi and Jaguar are recalling their premium electric vehicles.
Jessica Miley
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Audi and Jaguar have recalled some of their electric vehicles due to potentially dangerous faults. The Audi E-Tron has been pulled by the manufacturer over news that a manufacturing issue can allow water inside the charging port, which can enter the car's electronics and result in a battery fire.

The German carmaker announced the recall before any incidents were reported by drivers.

According to a tweet by ServiceNow Director, Michael Forson, who also owns an E-Tron, the fault does not affect all of the electric SUVs but it's likely that every E-Tron delivered to customers will need to be inspected before it is given the all-clear.

Jaguar brakes fail

Jaguars premium electric vehicle the I-PACE, has been recalled due to an issue with its regenerative braking system. It has been reported that the brakes can show an “increased delay” between the driver hitting the brake pedal and the vehicle actually slowing down.

No doubt a very scary thing to experience. The Jaguar is recalling every single I-PACE that it has delivered so far, to make sure the issue is resolved before a serious incident occurs. So far about 3000 cars have been delivered across the United States.

Software update to fix issue

Jaguar made an announcement about the recall saying it had already established a solution to the problem. The recalled cars will all receive a software update that will address the braking delay issue.

Unlike Tesla vehicles, this update won’t be issued as an over-the-air update but I-PACE owners will need to take their car to a registered service center, where the update will have to be completed at no cost to them. Jaguar is set is to start the update next month.

Recalls before major accidents

While the car companies must be congratulated for issuing the recalls before there were any reported incidents from consumers; the issues faced by both companies are essentials for electric vehicles.

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All electric cars must have a charging port and getting this right seems like the basic of designing and manufacturing an EV.

Regenerative braking is also a basic of electric cars and something that needs to be absolutely on point for the safe function of the car.

The E-Tron and the I-PACE are both major competitors to Tesla’s premium vehicles but these issues demonstrate that despite all of Tesla’s perceived problems, the carmaker has definitely got the basics under control. That said, they have also experienced a major recall.

Last year, Tesla voluntarily recalled 123,000 Model S cars built before April 2016, due to excessive corrosion in the aluminum power steering bolts supplied by Bosch. The issue could affect the handling and power assist mode.