Aurora’s quad-turbocharged V12 engine will be the most powerful, boasting 1,250 hp

The new bespoke powertrain developed by Zenvo and Mahle will be paired with an additional 600hp hybrid system.
Jijo Malayil
Zenvo and Mahle's V-12 engine
Zenvo and Mahle's V-12 engine


In an age when manufacturers are downsizing their engines to meet stricter emissions and efficiency norms across the world, supercar makers Zenvo Automotive is on course to build an internal combustion engine that claims to be the world's most potent road-going V-12 powertrain, which is set to exceed the current one by 200hp. 

The Danish automaker has announced that it will develop this engine with powertrain specialist Mahle Powertrain. The 6.6 liter quad-turbocharged V12 engine will produce a whopping 1250hp. The peak power comes at 8,000 rpm, and the engine will rev up to 9800 rpm, with claims of a unique soundtrack like no other engine.

The company says it's not a race engine adapted for the road and is being developed exclusively for the brand's upcoming hypercar Aurora. 

A bespoke engine with expertise from Mahle

The new motor features an all-aluminum structure, combined with Zenvo's carbon fiber expertise, resulting in a compact and lightweight product ideal for a hypercar setup. 

According to Zenvo, the partnership with Mahle has made sure that the engine's specification and design layout are already well advanced, credit to advanced analytical methodologies provided by Mahle, which has a history of supporting the development of many high-performance engines over the years. 

"The engine will benefit from the use of Mahle Jet Ignition, which has been incorporated into the design to enable the engine to operate without the need for over-fuelling for component protection (λ=1) across the entire engine operating range," said a media statement by Zenvo. The technology has also become a necessity to meet the incoming Euro 7 emission norms that were recently announced. 

Zenvo notes that the engine is being developed with further modifications in mind, with "high-performance V8 and V6 engine derivatives that could power future Zenvo models and may even be available as crate engines for OEMs to purchase via Zenvo."

A hybrid setup further enhances the output

To improve performance and efficiency, Zenvo plans to compliment the already powerful 1250hp V-12 engine with an electrical hybrid setup that provides an additional 600hp to take the combined output to a whopping 1850hp in Aurora. The firm claims that including a hybrid system not only delivers a "performance boost but also ensures the engine will have futureproofed environmental credentials." It needs to be seen if the setup allows Aurora to be driven in electric-only mode for a few kilometers, helping it offer a zero-emission drive, at least within city limits.

To deliver an actual hypercar experience, Aurora will have a modular chassis with carbon monocoque and carbon subframes and Zenvo's gearbox with an integrated hybrid powertrain. 

Aurora will be offered in two variants - Tur and Agile. The former is being pitched as a road focussed GT car with a limited top speed of over 249 mph (400kph), while Agil will have more aggressive aero design elements for maximum capability on the racetrack. 

The partnership between the two firms hopes to "deliver a truly unique piece of engineering art, one that will use all our past experience to push the boundaries of engine technology into the future." Let's wait and watch how it turns out!

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