Backyak is a Modular Sailboat, Sled and Kayak in a Backpack

The Backyak packs in more outdoor vehicles than you can believe. It is a modular kayak, snow-sled and sailboat that is packed neatly into two backpacks.
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The Backyak from Klepper was revealed at the Boot Dusseldorf show recently and it is very interesting and versatile. It offers a kayak, sailboat, sled and a sundeck that floats, all in one backpack that you can carry around.


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The Backyak is carbon constructed and is the latest in portable kayaks from Klepper that are easy to store and transport. This time around the product doesn't fold and instead comes in six pieces shared between two 22lb back backs that are drum-shaped. They come with an attachable harness and fit on the shoulders of two people, who can carry them to the water whatever the type of transport they choose to use.



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The Backyak is easier to transport than having to struggle with a one piece kayak and as it has its own backpack system it is easier to use than other competition on the market. It is also suitable for multi-activity trips when taking a full-size kayak would be almost impossible.


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Klepper says that the Backyak offers stability to be used on the ocean, lake or a river. Upon reaching the water those carrying the backpacks take them off and they put the kayak together, which is 17.7ft and carries two adults and a child. In the Fun package, there are end caps and this allows the tandem kayak to be split into two separate 8.8 feet kayaks for two adults.


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While the kayak is versatile being in the backpack format there is even more to it. Along with offering two single or one double kayak, there is also what Klepper call the Relax configuration. This transforms the kayaks into hulls that can be strapped together and make a platform for sitting, laying and relaxing on. Klepper says that this design is superb for floating, paddling and sunbathing on any calm water.


The Backyak also doubles up as a catamaran sailboat when using the sail, which can be constructed in just 15 minutes. It comes with a warm weather water sports cover and thanks to the Snow package it can be turned into a sled, complete with sled nose and front rails that can be steered.

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Of course more weight is added to the extra equipment for all the different designs; however, they do all fit inside the backpacks. The Sail pack weighs in at the heaviest with each of the packs weighing 31lb.


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The Backyak price tag starts at 5,000 Euros and this is for the kayak for two people and goes up to 11,000 Euros if you want the full set up which gives you five configurations. Shipping is expected to commence in April this year.

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