Battista EV Hypercar Owners Will Be Able to Test Run Formula E Race Cars

Automobili Pininfarina have organized the event solely for the future owners of their soon-to-be launched Battista EV Hypercar.
Fabienne Lang
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If you've pre-ordered one of Automobili Pininfarina's sleek Battista EV Hypercar's, now's your lucky moment.

Aside from having a spectacular luxury car that is deemed to be the most powerful road-legal car ever to be designed and made in Italy, future owners of the Battista will now have the opportunity to test drive a Formula E race car at the renowned Spanish Circuit de Calafat

Under the guidance of world-class race driver, Nick Heidfeld, the Battista clients will be able to take control of the racing cars' steering wheels. 


What is the event?

"We are on a mission to make the world ‘love electric’ by combining beautiful design and unprecedented performance in a range of luxury cars starting with Battista," said Automobili Pininfarina's Chief Sales Officer in the company's press release, Jochen Rudat.

Rudat added that "We are breaking with convention and giving our clients the unique experience of driving track-prepared EVs and a Mahindra Racing Formula E car on Spain’s Circuit de Calafat."

The future Battista owners will start by driving an array of track-prepared EV race cars, and will move up as they gain experience to the Mahindra Racing Formula E car.

Battista EV Hypercar Owners Will Be Able to Test Run Formula E Race Cars
The Mahindra Racing Formula E car at the Monaco E-Prix, Source: Mahindra Racing

Rudat continued by saying that "The Automobili Pininfarina Hyperdrive experience introduces a new dimension of performance to hypercar collectors and recognizes the need to create new and different test drive experiences that allow guests to explore the technology of the future."

Automobili Pininfarina has organized for racer Nick Heidfeld to be on site and to give knowledgeable feedback and advice to the amateur drivers. 

Furthermore, the car company's Battista development team will spend quality time with the future car owners, discussing how to make the most of their EV Hypercar, and their future driving experience. 

Battista EV Hypercar Owners Will Be Able to Test Run Formula E Race Cars
What the Battista EV Hypercar will look like, Source: Automobili Pininfarina

The Battista EV Hypercar

In under 12 months, Automobili Pininfarina will start the production of the Battista, a mere eight months after its unveiling. There will be no more than 150 bespoke Battista cars ever to circulate our Earth.

The Battista will deliver a combination of up to 500 km, and go from 0 to 62 mph in under two seconds.

It's a one-of-a-kind emissions-free car. 

When speaking about the EV Hypercar Experience, Heidfeld said: "This amazing Hyperdrive experience is just one step in the Battista customers’ intimate journey with us, and a major step towards making car enthusiasts fall in love with electric power."

The future owners of the Battista Hypercars will be well watched as they circumnavigate the nine right-hand corners and seven left-hand corners of the Circuit de Calafat.

Learning about the power and the technology behind such electric race cars will undoubtedly offer them an advantage when they receive the keys to their Battistas. 

In the meantime, it'll certainly whet their appetites. 

For those hypercar fans out there, Automobili Pininfarina has provided a Virtual Reality game of driving a Battista. Called 'Asphalt 9: Legends', the game can be downloaded via Apple's App Store or Google Play for Android users. 


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