Bentley's new Mulliner Batur will have a beastly power output of 740 PS

Only 18 will be manufactured, and it will cost $2 million.
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Bentley Mulliner Batur
Bentley Mulliner Batur.


The U.K.-based luxury car maker Bentley has revealed its two-seat grand tourer Mulliner Batur in Monterey Car Week, which will replace the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar.

The introduction of the Batur is a turning point in Bentley's design history. This is so because it offers a leaner, more focused, and simpler version of luxury cars, reflecting Bentley's design vision for the future.

The Batur is Mulliner's most recent coachbuilt car, with a maximum manufacturing run of 18 vehicles. The Batur is a sleek hard-top coupé with a new, minimalist design language that will characterize the Bentley style in the upcoming era of electric cars, in contrast to the roofless Bacalar, which has a Barchetta-like body and offers an elemental, open-air driving experience.

But the Batur's fantastic performance is fueled by much more than its rapier-like shape.

Bentley's new Mulliner Batur will have a beastly power output of 740 PS
Bentley Mulliner Batur.

The most powerful version of the six-liter, twin-turbocharged Bentley W12 engine is beneath its sparkling bonnet. The Bentley Mulliner Batur's engine is incredibly powerful. The most advanced version of Bentley's iconic W12 has been exclusively upgraded to produce a power output of around 710 HP (740PS).

The Batur, like every coachbuilt automobile Mulliner builds, provides a level of luxury that is unique to Mulliner and is made possible by a veritable exhibition of cutting-edge methods and materials.

The first Batur to be created will be an engineering prototype called Car Zero, following Mulliner's standard coachbuilding practices. It will be outfitted with digital chassis technology that has been perfected on the Continental GT Speed. Car Zero will be pushed to the limit on the test track, where the Batur's driving qualities will ultimately take shape.

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The front and rear LED light apertures are smaller and more clearly defined. The grille has a more angular, technical form, and three-dimensional contrast-painted parts create visual depth.

Bentley's new Mulliner Batur will have a beastly power output of 740 PS
Bentley Mulliner Batur front

Mulliner Batur involves more than just the fine details; it appears to be sitting on its back axle due to an exquisite, long bonnet, which highlights the car's powerful haunches and wide track. The long bonnet ends in a more erect, self-assured version of the iconic Bentley grille, an undeniable symbol of power and prestige.

Together, these characteristics provide a genuinely striking new shape. The Batur is an automobile designed just to thrill, making it a unique example of form following function.

A sustainable alternative to carbon fiber, high-performance composites made of flax are strong and light while leaving a significantly less environmental footprint. As an alternative available only to the Batur, sustainably produced leathers made with methods that use substantially less water and chemical than conventional tanning are also offered, as are carpets made from recycled yarn.

From the custom titanium exhaust finishers to the optional 18-carat gold interior trim, which includes a hallmark to confirm its authenticity, innovative 3D printing, and premium or precious metals combinations give new chances to create something special.

As you might have predicted, each Mulliner Batur will cost a hefty $2.0 million, and they are all already reserved. After final testing, production is estimated to start in early 2023, with the first few samples anticipated to reach customers later that year.

It looks like we won't be able to own a Bentley, as the prices are too damn high, but seeing one on the roads will surely excite us.

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