Bentley's New Electric Automobile Motor Designed Without Rare-Earth Magnets

OLEV-funded research will support Bentley’s demand to lead sustainable luxury mobility.
Deniz Yildiran

It is no surprise that electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry, with renewable energy and less pollution to the environment. Therefore automotive giants are trying to keep up and aim to get ahead in the race. 

And now, one of the luxury brands is getting in line with a little difference from its competitors

Recyclable system by 2026

Having around 4,000 employees in its headquarters in Crewe, England, Bentley owns three different model lines. The next one is expected to be an electric vehicle in 2026.

The company plans to lower its costs in the future. They have recently announced a study that will last three years to develop a recyclable system and get rid of the rare-earth magnet. 

Rare-earth magnets, obviously, include rare-earth elements, that make the motor perform better. However, there is one thing that doesn't fit the automotive giants: the cost. The electric vehicle designed without a motor including a rare-earth magnet will most probably lower the cost both for the manufacturer and the buyer. 

The study is named OCTOPUS which stands for Optimised Components, Test and simulatiOn, toolkits for Powertrains which integrate Ultra high-speed motor Solutions. OCTOPUS is also taking place as a nine-partner UK study, in partnership with Innovative UK. The results will be shared after three years.     


Developing the e-axle

OCTOPUS targets adding next-generation materials, manufacturing processes, and test cycles to the current electric drive system to deliver a full electronic-axle.

"There remains challenges and package constraints on the viability and flexibility of electric vehicle powertrains that are able to fully support EV architectures. With the industry, technologies, and cars changing faster than ever before, research projects such as OCTOPUS are crucial to deliver innovative technologies and overcome challenges for the next generation of mobility solutions," Stefan Fischer, Director of Powertrain Engineering at Bentley Motors, explained his thoughts on the project.

The company reportedly designed a roadmap to present a hybrid option for every model by 2023, starting with Bentayga Hybrid. Their next aspiration, fully electric Bentley, is expected to be delivered afterwards.

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