Bertone reveals a 1100 hp hypercar that runs on plastic waste

GB110 can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.79 seconds.
Jijo Malayil
The rear view of Bertone GB110
The rear view of Bertone GB110


Bertone, a famous Italian automotive design house, has come up with a hypercar that produces 1,100 hp and 1,100 Nm of torque to mark its 110th anniversary. The car, christened GB110, is also the first high-performance car that runs on fuel made out of plastic waste. The company will only produce 33 units of the hypercar.

In its rich automotive history, the firm is known for designing iconic sports cars such as the Lamborghini Countach, the Alfa Romeo Montreal, Aston Martin DB2/4 Bertone Spider, and Lamborghini Miura. The oldest Italian design coachbuilder was founded in 1912 by Giovanni Bertone. The company's present owners, Mauro, and Jean-Franck Ricci, is poised to merge their engineering experience with Bertone's design heritage. 

“We are building this car for customers that appreciate the history and legacy of Bertone. And for connoisseurs who love sports cars with exceptional performance. It’s not only about raw power and performance. It’s about celebrating the long Italian tradition of timeless elegant cars.” said Ricci, CEO of Bertone.

A true hypercar in design & specifications

The makers have gone to great lengths to ensure GB110 fits the hypercar status. Its makers say that GB110 is a "limited-edition state-of-the-art hypercar, designed for breathtaking performance while at the same time paying homage to pioneer Bertone designs from the ’60s and '70s", according to a release.

The makers have not revealed the capacity or the source of the combustion engine used, but the motor is mated to a 7-speed transmission with all-wheel drive capabilities. The combination which produces 1,100 hp and 1,100 of torque, can accelerate GB110 from a standstill to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.79 seconds. The hypercar can also clock 186 mph (300 km/h) in 14 seconds and the top speed is rated at 236 mph (380 km/h).

The chassis of GB110 was developed in-house with components sourced from a German manufacturer and features a wheelbase of 2630mm. The hypercar also features anti-roll bars with four-way dampening adjustment, which gives the flexibility for drivers to set up the car for various use-case scenarios.

GB110's reliance on clean fuel

Bertone reveals a 1100 hp hypercar that runs on plastic waste
The side view of Bertone GB110

The team at Bertone has made sure that such exhilarating performances don't come at a cost to nature. The firm partnered with Select Fuel to develop a method to convert waste (polycarbonate) materials into renewable fuel. 

“We believe that de-pollution will require different solutions with combinations of technologies. Plastic waste needs to be treated as a valuable resource," says Ricci. Despite the high output and performance figures, the car complies with the latest Euro 6 emission norms. 

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