Bet you wish your tricycle had been as much fun as the Power Rider

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You probably had a lot of fun on your tricycle when were you were a kid, but I bet you wish that your tricycle had been as much fun as the Power Rider from Razor. The company are well-known for their compact folding scooters, however they have stepped it up with electric rides that are even more exciting.


[Image Source: Razr]

On the front of the Power Rider there is a set of pedals which Razor has mounted close to the hi-impact pneumatic front wheel. However, you don’t have to actually pedal the tricycle to reach a speed of up to 9mph as all you need to do is hit the throttle of the bike.


[Image Source: Razr]

The bike has a weight of 33lbs and measure around 27 inches by 10 inches by 25 inches. The fun part comes by way of the pair of free-spinning caster wheels on the back of the tricycle which allow the lucky rider to perform drifts, spins and many other stunts. Of course the rider should wear a helmet.


[Image Source: Razr]

The Power Rider features a welded steel frame along with a moto-styling double crown fork design with a hand operated braking system. The throttle is a push button and the foot pegs fold up when not in use, while the tricycle depends on a chain driven motor.


[Image Source: Razr]

Razor say that the tricycle has a price tag of $180 and the charge time is pretty steep as it is 12 hours via a 12v sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. The ride time is a little on the low side for the amount of time it has to charge - just 40 minutes.


[Image Source: Razr]


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