Big Wheel Drift Trike brings out the big kid in adults

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The popularity of drift trikes has been on the increase recently after someone came up with the idea of attaching motors to them. Companies along with DIY enthusiasts have been putting electric or gas powered motors onto the trikes to get the most out of them when used in flatter regions. One of the leaders of motorised drift trikes is SFD Industries and they have come up with the Big Wheel Drift Trike with a huge 26 inch front wheel.


[Image Source: SFD]

The owner of SFD Industries, August Agner, said "The thing that really sets off our drift trike is the big 26-inch by 3.5-inch wheel. It feels super stable and is proportioned similar to a child's big wheel to really make an adult look and feel like a kid again."


[Image Source: SFD]

The Big Wheel Drift Trike relies on a motor of 6.5hp and Agner said that PVC sleeves may be wrapped around the wheels on the back of the bike to ensure that loss of traction is thick and this allows for a lot of sideways action on the trike. One of the main differences between the Big Wheel Drift Trike and the Tortuga Trike, which is also a big hit, is where the rider places their feet on the Big Wheel. The majority of other trikes have stunt pegs which are mounted onto the forks at the front however, when designing the Big Wheel Drift Trike, Agner came up with a different idea.


[Image Source: SFD]

He said "The most unique feature we designed is the frame mounted pegs that eliminate foot lift while drifting, so you don't have to worry about the tire scrubbing up your leg."

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[Image Source: SFD]

The framework for the Big Wheel Drift Trike is CNC bent from Benteler chromoly, which has been TIG welded and then constructed in the workshop of SFD over in North Carolina, USA. The trike relies on a twist throttle to get the trike going, which is fixed to the aluminium bars. When the rider wants to stop the trike they apply the hydraulic disc brakes at the rear.


[Image Source: SFD]

Anyone who fancies going back to their childhood can purchase the Big Wheel Drift Trike now for US$2,000. Agner also offers a customised trike, which will take the drifting experience up another notch. There are many custom upgrades available, one of which comes with a high horsepower motor and exhaust for an added $500. There is also an aluminium down tube mounted fuel cell along with a pump and throttle plate available for another $200.


[Image Source: SFD]

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