BMW Driving Centre in Incheon, South Korea, is the ultimate for driving tests

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A new $75.5 million track, the BMW Driving Centre in Incheon, South Korea, will offer the ultimate in driving tests. Visitors are able to try out the performance cars and motorcycles of BMW on a closed circuit racetrack of 2.6 kilometres, or even try out an SUV in the off—road area. Unlike the recent BMW racetrack we reported on, this one is definitely a reality.


[Image Source: BMW]

The site that is to house the centre is 240, 000 square meters and will be home to a huge BMW and Mini showroom, along with a service centre, restaurants and bars, training academy, children’s area and historical exhibits.


[Image Source: BMW]

This has to be the ultimate way to test out a motorcycle or sports car. As most of BMW's cars are designed and built to go way beyond normal speed limits, the closed racetrack is the perfect place to try out the full acceleration of any vehicle that you are considering purchasing.


[Image Source: BMW]

The driving centre is great when it comes to testing out the suspension of the sports cars, along with stability of them as they fly around the corners of the track. South Korea is one of the key developing markers for BMW and this is why the centre has been located very close to the largest international airport in the country, at Incheon. The state of the art facility allows potential customers of BMW to really push the cars to their limit.


[Image Source: BMW]

There is a 2.6 kilometre race track at the driving centre which can be altered and changed into six different configurations. Some of the vehicles visitors can take on a test drive have top speeds of as much as 300+ km/h, however this isn’t going to be an issue on the race track at the new driving centre. The track also allows would be owners of motorcycles to test out the bikes to their maximum, given that in Korea motorcycles cannot go on the freeways and as such are limited to a maximum of no more than 80km/h. The track offers the only way of would be owners to get the true feel of what the motorcycle can actually offer, something which could never be achieved when taking it out for a regular test drive.


[Image Source: BMW]

The off-road course has been specifically designed to offer a rugged test thanks to the skid pan area. This allows would be owners to test out 4WD along with stability control features in an environment that is controlled and safe. BMW are also considering offering educational courses associated with performance driving, safety on the roads and getting the maximum when it comes to fuel economy.


[Image Source: BMW]

Visitors to the centre will also be able to take advantage of the close proximity to the airport courtesy of an airport service offered by the BMW driving centre. While the customer is away, they can even get their cars serviced by BMW. The BMW Driving Centre is set to open its doors on 1 August 2014.