BMW, GM, other major automakers to set up 30,000 EV fast chargers in North America

The first stations are scheduled to open in the United States next year, with Canada following later.
Jijo Malayil
EV station with port plugged in vehicle
EV station with port plugged in vehicle


One of the major limiting factors slowing down the transition to all-electric forms of mobility, especially in advanced countries, is charging infrastructure.

Now seven of the globe's leading carmakers - BMW Group, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz Group, and Stellantis NV have joined hands to create a joint venture to further the move to electric vehicles in North America by making the charging process more convenient, accessible and reliable.

Earlier, we had seen Ford partnering with Tesla, which will allow its EVs to use the latter's 12,000 superchargers across the US and Canada, starting early next year.

According to the firms, the partnership will "include the development of a new, high-powered charging network with at least 30,000 chargers to make zero-emission driving even more attractive for millions of customers," said a press statement

The first stations are scheduled to open in the United States next year, with Canada following later. Furthermore, the JV intends to power the charging network entirely with renewable energy by the sustainability policies of all seven manufacturers.

Demand expected to surge

The rate of adoption of EVs is slated to see a considerable hike, especially in North American and European markets, which will subsequently push up the demand for fast and reliable chargers in such regions. 

The US Department of Energy estimates that there are 32,000 publicly available DC fast chargers in the United States, with the number of EVs accounting for 2.3 million, which the ratio standing at 1:72. 

“North America is one of the world’s most important car markets – with the potential to be a leader in electromobility. Accessibility to high-speed charging is one of the key enablers to accelerate this transition," Oliver Zipse, CEO of the BMW Group, said in a statement.

Looking at demand in the coming years, 182,000 DC fast chargers will be required to service the 30-42 million plug-in vehicles predicted on the road by 2030, according to the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). 

According to the companies involved in the JV, electric car sales in the United States are predicted to surpass 50% of total sales by 2030, making the deployment of dependable charging infrastructure even more vital to broad electric vehicle adoption.

"The creation of a best-in-class charging network will ensure that the EV infrastructure will support current and projected EV sales and will foster the adoption of electric vehicles."

Efforts to provide a seamless experience

The team hopes to combine its technical and operational expertise in providing convenient facilities for EV buyers to charge on the go.

According to the statement, the stations will be in convenient locations, including canopies whenever feasible and facilities such as bathrooms, food service, and retail operations either adjacent or inside the same facility. A small number of flagship stations will be outfitted with extra amenities, providing a premium experience that will demonstrate the future of charging.

"The functions and services of the network will allow for seamless integration with participating automakers’ in-vehicle and in-app experiences, including reservations, intelligent route planning and navigation, payment applications, transparent energy management, and more. In addition, the network will leverage Plug & Charge technology to further enhance the customer experience."

The locations of these chargers will be primarily focused in metropolitan areas and along major highways. The project will also install chargers in connecting corridors and vacation routes, making the network accessible wherever people go for work or pleasure.

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