BMW Joins in on Tesla Cybertruck Banter with a Hilarious Tweet

The German automaker's X5 Protection VR6 car comes with full "metal ball protection."
Fabienne Lang
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We haven't quite seen the end of the new Tesla Cybertruck quips just yet. BMW recently joined in on the fun by posting a witty comment on Twitter stating their X5 Protection VR6 model "Comes with bulletproof windows and offers splinter protection in case it gets hit by a metal ball." 

This comment comes after Tesla's disastrous attempt at proving how shatterproof their windows are — seemingly not at all as a metal ball managed to, well, shatter them. 


BMW's poking and prodding

There are a number of differences between BMW's X5 Protection VR6 model and Tesla's Cybertruck. The main one being that the BMW model isn't electrically powered. Moreover, it isn't a truck.

BMW isn't trying to compare apples to apples here, that's not the point. 

However, the X5 is a protection vehicle and does have shatterproof armored glass windows, which, as BMW pointed out, would withstand being hit by metal balls. Quite unlike Tesla's Cybertruck so it seems. 

BMW's X5 is a pretty strong protection car as its designed to protect its passengers from handguns and long gun rounds being fired at it. It also boasts an armor-plated floor and a reinforced underbody to protect it from hand grenade blasts. 

All in all, it seems like BMW's X5 Protection VR6 may be a more suitable option from any attack than Tesla's Cybertruck. But if you're not in for a heavy-armored vehicle quite yet, you can sit back and enjoy the commentary on Twitter in the meantime. 

The comments from Twitter followers have been varied, with some taking the matter seriously and offering their own words of protection for Tesla's Cybertruck, whereas others have joined in BMW's fun and hoping for an answer from Elon Musk.

This Twitter follower is enjoying the comment: 

Whereas this user is taking the matter a bit more literally: 

Some more comments that disagree with BMW: 

Whereas others are amused:  

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