BMW Motorrad Debuts Its LEGO-Inspired Hover Ride

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If the BMW Motorrad hover ride concept looks a little childlike, don't worry. It's supposed to. BMW Motorrad partnered with LEGO Technic and designed an incredibly cool, futuristic hover vehicle.

BMW Motorrad Debuts Its LEGO-Inspired Hover Ride

[Image Source: BMW via Twitter]

The whole process started as a toy model concept from the LEGO replica of the BMW R 1200 GS. The 603 pieces were reassembled into the Hover Ride Design concept. The LEGO kit became available in January, but few suspected that BMW would craft a flying motorbike concept around the pieces.

BMW Motorrad Debuts Its LEGO-Inspired Hover Ride

[Image Source: BMW via Youtube]

For BMW, the collaboration with LEGO seemed like a natural fit. Heiner Faust, head of sales and marketing with BMW Motorrad explained why:

"BMW Motorrad approached LEGO Group with the idea of a collaboration because the two companies have much in common: they both successfully combine innovation and tradition in their brands and products, providing unforgettable experiences for young and old alike all over the world."

The task of making the LEGO concept from brick to metal fell to engineers at BMW's Munich campus. The location serves as a training ground for BMW engineers.

Markus Kollmannsperger, a trainer who worked on the model, told the press, "It was incredibly inspiring to see colleagues from different disciplines working with our trainees. Everyone involved in this project learned an awful lot."

The technology isn't far from personal flying transit. While BMW's Hover Ride concept doesn't yet fly, a considerable amount of groundwork has already been done. The Hover Ride Concept debuted at LEGO World and will later be displayed at various BMW showcases.

BMW Motorrad Debuts Its LEGO-Inspired Hover Ride

[Image Source: BMW via Youtube]

In October 2016, BMW debuted another incredible motorcycle as part of its Motorrad Vision 100. That concept bike included an autonomous driving option, sleek design and no need for a helmet. BMW stated it would be the smartest and safest motorcycle on the market. No word from BMW as to when either concept bike could become a reality available for purchase.

You can also watch more about BMW and LEGO's search for the perfect motorcycle below:

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