BMW will reveal its new Vision Car concept at the CES 2023

The new concept car will be “electric, circular, and digital.”
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BMW Museum in Munich, Bavaria, Germany
BMW Museum in Munich, Bavaria, Germany

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The future BMW plan calls for a large number of new electric vehicles. The company already has a strong portfolio of electric vehicles, but its new platform will only be focused on electrification.

BMW CFO Dr. Nicolas Peter previously announced at the end of the Q3 2022 quarterly report that BMW will unveil a new Vision Car at the upcoming CES 2023. "The next highlight on our way to the Neue Klasse will follow in January 2023. At the CES in Las Vegas, we will be presenting a visionary vehicle that will underpin our digital expertise. The future of the BMW Group is electric, circular, and digital," Peter said.

This is the only information that is currently known about the new concept. Although its size and design are unknown, it will undoubtedly be entirely electric-powered. It will be very intriguing to see if this idea uses BMW's new round-cell batteries.

Promising a 'huge leap in technology'

BMW's sixth generation of lithium-ion cells will boost energy density by more than 20 percent compared to the prismatic cells that are being used today. BMW promises a "huge leap in technology" as round cells will increase an EV's range in the WLTP cycle by as much as 30 percent and boost charging speed by the same percentage.

Neue Klasse models will support 800V tech with fast-charging capabilities allowing owners to juice up their EVs from ten percent to 80 percent about 30 minutes quicker than on the current crop of zero-emissions models.

BMW announced its new Vision Car concept a few months ago, as the company is moving towards a new design language and styling. 

BMW's Neue Klasse presents a unique opportunity to build and design something from a blank sheet of paper since the 1960s.

The first cars to featBMW'sMW’s new design language will be a Neue Klasse-based 3 Series and the second-generation iX3.

BMW will eventually expand its line of electric vehicles with models from the high-volume category to special high-performance variants. While this is going on, the company's internal combustion engine-powered cars will still be based on other platforms.

At CES 2023, Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, will give a pre-show keynote speech, hopefully showing BMW's future vision.

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